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    people wear suits pants because we are like the sons of a king (Zeba and zalmunna said that to gidon in sefer shoftim). jeans are more casual- not something a king would wear


    people wear suits pants because we are like the sons of a king (Zeba and zalmunna said that to gidon in sefer shoftim). jeans are more casual- not something a king would wear

    Google Prince William in Jeans

    There are plenty of pictures


    Hi chinesefood.

    To me, it makes more of a difference how other people respond to me. There are times I am off from work and wear jeans and a shirt and sneakers and baseball hat.

    When I go into the same establishments dressed down, I may as well not be there. In fact, this past Chanukah, I dressed down and even got dirty looks in the bakery, which made me want to post this to you. Going to eat, mothers pull their kids back and keep an eye on me. Others cut in front, and it really is an entirely different experience depending on how I dress in a frum community.

    When I wear my white shirt and black pants, I am called Rabbi by all and everything is good. People even want to know my name, where I live, who I know, my SS number, and everything about me.

    So, while it may affect on me only a little by feeling like it’s a chilled out day, the bigger effect is how other people respond to me depending on how I dress. Which to me, is totally ridiculous.


    zdad- would you not at least admit that he also does things NOt befitting a prince? it stands to reason that you can tbring a rayye from him. and besides, once again you interject something with no real applicability to the poster above.



    It depends what he is doing, If he is going to a formal dinner, that he should wear a suit and tie, but if he is horseback riding then jeans is more appropriate.

    If a Frum jew is a Plumber , should he wear a suit or Jeans

    If a Plumber came to me wearing a suit, I am not sure Id think he was a real plumber


    ZD, I have no problem what you’re saying with wearing jeans when you’re doing manual work, but if it’s Shabbos, should the plumber keep wearing his jeans or work clothes? Isn’t it Shabbos haMalka and we’re supposed to dress in our best clothes? If jeans is what you would wear to a chassanah, then fine, and while I don’t think chassanah clothes are necessary for Shabbos, just a step down from that wouldn’t bring me to jeans.


    The original question was about wearing jeans on shabbos?


    I was under the impression the question was asked about a normal weekday and normal form of dress, not a more formal situation like Shabbos


    This question was a general one, having nothing to do with Shabbos speicifically. The bottom line is that jeans are more appropriate for some types of casual activities and work situations, and suit pants are more appropriate for other types of activities and work situations, We should not be negatively judging people altogether, but especially not to judge their frumkeit based on whether or not they choose to wear denim clothing. That is very elitist, IMO. And to imply or state outright that someone who does wear such material somehow needs to do teshuvah or is not worthy to ever be a rov, is beyond absurd. With the cost of jeans way higher than most of the “elegant” things I purchase to wear, it is foolish to think of them as cheap clothing.


    No one needs to do teshuva for wearing jeans.

    (Unless someone made took an oath that s/he wouldn’t wear jeans or some other consideration like that.)


    That’s not what I meant. But, generally most Rav’s come from a family of talmidei chochamim where jeans are not acceptable and if he wore jeans than he might have been different, and I heard of regular people becoming Rav’s not of a BT. Unless he was a BT for 30 or something years. And, no jeans is not something u have to do teshuva for, its not an aveirah for a boy/man to wear them.

    For a girl, a whole another story!

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