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    Ghislaine Maxwell was just arrested by FBI.
    If she survives to tell her tale, allot of big Dems and many other liberal icons are toasted!
    Just watch!


    Do you have inside information that nobody else in the world has ?
    Can you name 1 big dem that will be toast to add a little credibility to your claim? ? I bet your source is a bunch of hot air , rumours and conspiracy theories – more formally known as Fox news.


    she better not be place on suicide watch


    really jackk? I get it when democrat lovers don’t want to think that democrats ever do anything wrong in government or make false accusations or skew media reports or plant damaging fake leaks to skew an election. But you are seriously going to waste your energy defending them from having hung out with epstein? You need everything about them to be perfect even their recreational lives? Do you pretend this about clinton too or just the others?


    Syag Lchochma
    Take a break. I am not defending anybody. If a person committed the crime , I could not care less if he is a D or a R , let them rot in jail. Clinton can go to jail too if he committed a crime.

    There a numerous pictures on the web of your beloved leader, the womanizer , Donald J Trump, together with Epstein. He is even mentioned in the legal documents by the accusers. If anyone has to be afraid , it is him.

    Hence , for IHAtecommunism to create a post and thread with salacious accusations that there are going to be democrats that will be toast is ludicrous. It is just another typical day of TYW trolling.

    Epstein had friends from all over the world and political spectrum whom he invited to his parties with underage girls.


    that’s a pretty long angry rant for someone who doesn’t care.
    So, my leaders wear yarmulke’s and titzis, by the way. And my support for trump as president stops at his performance as president, when someone tells me he may go down for bad behavior i don’t start foaming at the mouth (see your above post). I can’t stand listening to him speak and don’t read his tweets. Unlike the anti trumpers who thrive on his every move, I just worry about the policies.

    have some coffee


    Safest place for her is… probably inside the White House.


    So we should ignore the 15+ women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by the Trumpkopf, his own words on video claiming the right to engage in such assaults etc. but focus on claims by other women who claim that Maxwell recruited them to engage in sexual acts with Epstein’s high-powered friends such as Dershowitz. If she admits to Dershowitz, than perhaps next we move on to Trump, Clinton and Prince Andrew, all of whom have been the target of Epstein-related allegations (and in each case denied).


    Off-topic comment.
    Dear Syag,
    With due respect, yarmulkes without the apostrophe. No ill will intended.

    anonymous Jew

    GH, Trump haters like yourself have already established, by giving Biden and Bill Clinton a pass, that women are no longer to be believed. So,unless you have real proof of sexuall assaults by Trump, not allegations, stop with the accusations


    Anon Yid: Why would you think I’m not a great admirer of the Trumpkpf? All the women accusing him of sexual assault are obviously lying and the Access Hollywood tape must have been doctored by the fake news media.


    GH – you’re sadly mistaken. Trumpers don’t mind admitting when trump has issues, it’s people like you who do the fairy tail thing. Worried about trumps infidelity but giving biden a pass? Exactly


    Syag: There is NO truth to the rumors that Biden ever had an affair with THAT woman or otherwise acted inappropriately. In that case and every other, he proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he was asleep at the time. I’m not giving him or anyone else “a pass”. For every Biden accuser, there are a dozen Trump accusers. The numbers speak for themselves.


    So you aren’t denying it, you’re just saying it didn’t happen. Got it. And then back to trump.
    Makes perfect sense.


    So I heard they’re transferring her to jail in nyc. Ha ha! They didn’t fool us the first time.

    anonymous Jew

    GH, you conveniently forgot about all of the women who accused Bill Clinton. With Biden, there is the recording, back in the the 90’s, of the woman’s mother speaking on the air to Larry King about the incident and he has a history of being inappropriately touchy feely with women. When you’re ready to take your head out of the sand, let us know.


    Anonyid: I haven’t forgotten Bill nor so many other pols, both D and R or powerful men whose accusers have been mocked and vilified over the past several decades. What may have passed for “consensual” or “boys being boys” years ago will not fly today. However, Epstein’s saga is by far the most blatant and appalling of them all. I ‘m hoping she cuts a plea deal and provides information that will lead to some of those abusers and rapists being prosecuted and convicted. Whether it be Dershowitz, Clinton, Prince Andrew, Trump or ANY of the powerful, lets hope the truth ultimately comes out and justice is served for the guilty and those falsely accused be exonerated. .


    I hope she tells all so all those guys can burn and be humiliated. The problem is i don’t want her sitting out a day less of her sentence. If they give her a plea deal, can they still try her again for full extent of the law if an additional victim comes forward?


    Syag: Most likely NOT. Any competent defense lawyer will try to obtain a broad prospective immunization/no-prosecution agreement but those can be “undone” in special circumstances ( as in the cases of Bill Cosby etc. related to future use of a deposition in civil litigation). Even the Epstein plea agreement purportedly limits future prosecution of his associates (such as Epstien) for related crimes. Some plea agreements cannot immunize against crimes “unknown” or “unknowable” at the time the agreement is entered into. Not my area of expertise.



    Your 2 sentences are the exact reason that Trump has destroyed the presidency and the GOP.
    “I can’t stand listening to him speak and don’t read his tweets. Unlike the anti trumpers who thrive on his every move, I just worry about the policies.”

    To ignore anything that the president does (or did) or says or tweets because of the “policies” is like saying ” I will vote for Jefferey Dahmer for President since I only care about his policies.” .
    I am glad you agree that he is a mushchas.
    I plan to use this idiotic defense for the next 8 years when Biden is President and Fox news and the GOP lie about him being senile or anything else .

    I am intrigued that you can reach across the internet and know whether I am frothing at the mouth or not. You must have some super duper extrasensory capabilities.
    Can you tell me if I have Covid or not?


    To ignore anything that the president does (or did) or says or tweets because of the “policies” is like saying ” I will vote for Jefferey Dahmer for President since I only care about his policies.” .

    Um, no, it’s not. Not at all. That’s just another dumb extreme people use to make a point that doesn’t exist.

    You must have some super duper extrasensory capabilities.

    I do actually, thank you for noticing



    Explain the difference.


    Well, someone finally thought of someone worse than Donald Trump: Jeffrey Dahmer. And, to make it even better, Trump never socialized with Dahmer. Trump cannot say the same thing about Jeffrey Epstein.


    Just remember “me-too” movement was started to take out Trump, but instead it took out allot of Dems.
    Do you know why? Because 99.99% of Dems in our days don’t believe in G-d. They also don’t fear media that usually protects them. No fear = allot of misconduct! Most Republicans claim to believe in G-d and are afraid of media so they usually behave much better then Dems.


    “Can you tell me if I have Covid or not?“

    Frightening Study: COVID-19 Can Lead To Brain Damage, Even In Mildly Ill Patients

    That would explain it 😜


    Dear Coffee,
    Good one.


    Dear Communism,
    MeToo started in 2006. It gained steam as an anti Hollywood movement in 2017. Trump decided it was aimed at him. Very guilty conscience? Comforting to see that he has one.

    There is a parallel movement to MeToo that is specific for religious settings. That destroys your theory.

    If G-d is such a factor for Republicans why do we vote for Mconnell, Moore, Trump, Nolan, Shortey, Greitens, Hastert, and Jordan? Which Republican is useful as a national role model? [Not even ten years ago, we could have given a long list.] The party of G-d has a pact with the devil.

    America is far less atheistic than Europe. And, more religious beliefs are on the rise. How many Democrats can you name as atheists?


    All Marxist-commies are atheists!
    Anyone who supports abortion after birth is an atheist.


    my covid-19 encounter took out allot of things, but are you implying …
    You can disagree with my statement on superficial level but deep down you know the truth about Dems.
    Many individual Republicans are not that much better then Dems, many of them are real RINOs, but at the very least as the party the are held accountable to much higher standard by the crazy liberal media. As a party they claim to believe in G-d. Dems erased all references to G-d from their platform.


    For some reason, the Chareidi world have decided that just because the republican Christians claim to believe in G-d, they automatically become our best friends. Were the founders of the Inquisitions our friends? What about the Crusaders, or Pope Pius XII , who was a silent bystander during the Holocaust, and so many others. Of course we both are anti abortion, but don’t we promote helping the poor or keeping Hashem’s world clean (Leftist values)? I think that to align oneself with any party is just wrong, because no party in America has the same values as us Torah Jews.



    When I first saw your post on another thread I thought you were a troll

    Now I see your a little uninformed

    “but don’t we promote helping the poor or keeping Hashem’s world clean”

    We don’t promote it by taxing and regulating people to do it rather by teaching (especially by example) which is totally foreign to democrats


    Thank you, regularbochur, for pointing out the folly of many Torah Jews who embrace the Republican party too tightly. I would add that with respect to abortion, the Torah requires – requires – abortion to save the life of the mother. Many Christians would would forbid that.

    Here is an interesting problem: If abortion is illegal, would an exception be made in a case where the abortion is necessary to save a Jewish mother’s life? And if so, what about a non-Jewish non-religious Christian mother who needs the abortion to save her life?


    I dont believe that anyone is making the argument that one political party is equal to the Jewish religion. Rather that one is more in line and should be supported over the other.


    Coffee Addict,

    Regular bachur is 100% correct.
    The Torah does tax jews and takes away their hard work earned money – which is really their Heaven sent money – and gives it to the poor. Leket, Shicha ,Peah, Terumos, Maasros, Maasar Aniyim, Challah, Bekurim, Bechoros, Shmitta, Tzedaka …
    If you do not fulfill these mitzvos, you are stealing.

    This is not a Republican vs Democrat issue. Both sides agree that the government will never get a penny out of anybody unless they tax it and take it from them. Nobody trusts that a rich person will altruistically help out the poor.

    The issue is that the republicans are soley for the wealthy and do not care about helping the poor. People could die in the streets due to lack of healthcare and they wouldn’t care less.

    Republicans are examples of big givers to the poor ? Show me.
    They are all for tax breaks and the wealthy keeping the money for themselves.
    (Our POTUS is a prime example of this selfish republican behaviour. He and his family are forbidden to run a charity in NY because he has stolen from his own charity and not used it for the poor. )



    It’s a good point

    However the amount that is taxed is up to the discretion of the giver and is not due to the amount of crops someone has (a rich guy can give 1/60 while a poor guy can give 1/40)

    “Our POTUS is a prime example of this selfish republican behaviour. He and his family are forbidden to run a charity in NY because he has stolen from his own charity and not used it for the poor. )“

    Our president is the first president (Democrat or Republican) that has given away his paycheck that he earns while being president to charities

    Reb Eliezer

    The Dubner Magid explains the idea of maaser. There was a complaint that people should not be provided more than necessary for survival. So if a person gives the survival amount for maaser, he will be blessed by ten times the amount otherwise he is only provided that amount.


    Coffee addict,

    In the times of Chazal, they required people to give tzedaka and they assessed how much an individual was required to give based on their income/wealth. Moreover, they also forced people to contribute to public works (like walls and wells) also according to their income/wealth. Look at the Mishna and following Gemara in Baba Basra 7b.
    בעא מיניה רבי אלעזר מרבי יוחנן כשהן גובין לפי נפשות גובין או דילמא לפי שבח ממון גובין אמר ליה לפי ממון גובין
    And Tosafos there writes: לפי קירוב בתים הן גובין. פירש. ר”ת ונותנין עניים קרובים יותר מרחוקים וכן עשירים קרובים יותר מעשירים רחוקים אבל עשירים רחוקים נותנין יותר מעניים קרובים דלפי שבח ממון נמי הן גובין:



    Most Republican legislation has contained an exception for the life of the mother. That being said, the Republican position is still not in line with many Rishonim and Poskim. Although Rav Moshe paskens like the Rambam on abortion (prohibiting except to save the life of the mother), there are other poskim that will rely on other Rishonim (Rashi, Tosafos) where there is some great tzorech (e.g. the child will be severely disabled; the mother will be under severe pyschological stress; mamzeirus) even if the mother’s life is not at risk.

    I don’t want the US or state governments paskening that shailah. I want the parents and their posek paskening that shailah.


    coffee addict,

    I could also give away my paycheck if I was a ganov.
    Never trust a ganov.
    His giving away of his salary is a meaningless stunt because he is making hundred of millions of dollars on the properties he owns that he forces the American people to pay for when he stays at them.
    That is besides all the money he is making by diplomats staying at his washington hotel to curry favor with him.
    That is besides all the money he is making that is so well hidden that you will never find out about it.


    jack-“That is besides all the money he is making by diplomats staying at his washington hotel to curry favor with him.
    That is besides all the money he is making that is so well hidden that you will never find out about it.”
    trying to pretend trump is making money off his presidency is stupidity, HIS NET WORTH WENT down 31% SINCE BECOMING PRESIDENT


    Guys, I think you are missing the point here.
    Remember “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.
    Liberal Dems of 2020 are those Pigs that became the ruling class on the farm.
    They are in it for themselves. They don’t really care about poor and homeless.
    They don’t care about black lives. They only care about themselves. They use downtrodden as pawns to further their agendas. Jeffrey Epstein saga exposes many of them for what they really are! Selfish Pigs!!!


    Interesting that Ywn didn’t post the article (that was actually shared on its WhatsApp group btw) of someone trying to kill a judge connected to the Epstien trial and then finding the joker dead with a “self inflicted gunshot wound”

    Coincidence? (The part about the assassination, not the part about the non reporting)


    So Esther Salas was overseeing the lawsuit targeting Deutsche Bank’s relationship with Jeffrey.
    How convenient to blame the shooting on a dead. So Clintonesque.
    This was a Real Mob warning for everyone to mind their on business and stay far away from this case.


    I don’t know anything about that case so i can’t comment but i was wondering why he left the gun at the scene and then went to get a different gun tho shoot himself. (Obviously i know I’m missing most of the details)



    He shot himself just like Epstien killed himself


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