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    This year Shushan Purim happens to land on the 15th just like every other year.

    Ok just kidding, but seriously what I wanted to say is that it lands on a Friday!

    OMG where to start with the problems…

    A) It’s assur to make a seuda after chatzos on a friday afternoon.

    B) The mitzvah of drinking is during the seuda, so I can only drink in the morning time!

    C) Even if I continue the drinking into the afternoon, I can only daven mincha starting a half hour after chatzos, that means since I will be drunk at that hour, I would have to be mostly sober by mincha (ketana) time! (Every year I usually drink after chatzos to not have a problem with davening mincha drunk)

    D) There’s gonna be barely any seudas to go to

    E) I have to get drunk, give out mishloach manos and I still have to get ready for shabbos!


    Spend purim and shabbos in Bnei Brok.


    May this be the worst disaster you ever have in your life.

    The Wolf


    Since when is it customary to have a Seuda on shushan Purim??


    Since when is it customary to have a Seuda on shushan Purim??

    I’m assuming the OP is in Yerusalayim (or some other qualifying city) where Purim *is* on Shushan Purim.

    The Wolf


    Wolf— Amen!!!

    more_2: He obviously lives in Yerushalayim.


    more_2, you’ve never been in E”Y on Purim, have you…


    Get ready for this uneeq, because from 2015-2019 Purim in Jerusalem & Shushan shall occur 4 out of 5 years running, on a Friday.

    So go to an open city in Israel, but then remember you shall have to prolong Taanis Esther if observing Purim on the 14th, as then have to read Esther before eating, whereas in Jerusalem & Shushan, have 24 hours to eat between Taanis Esther & reading of Esther.

    Even if go to B’nai B’raq as imaofthree suggests, there is an opinion that B’nai Beraq is a contigious town to Jaffa and may have to observe the 15th too.

    ☕️coffee addict

    More 2,

    When you live in Yerushalayim (or any other walled city from the time of Yehoshua bin nun”


    I loved erev shabbos purim in yeshiva, I gave mishloach manos, got drunk by my rebbes seudah fell asleep for a few hours got woken up to go to the mikveh by the time late mincha and shabbos came along I was sober

    its emes

    learn the halachos!!! it’s not osur to have a seudah after chatzos…some say it’s even l’katchial to be poraitz mapeh umekadesh…


    Two things:

    1. You may wash for the seuda on Friday afternoon until sha’a asiris – the beginning of the tenth halachic hour of the day. A halachic hour is the time between sunrise and sunset divided by 12.

    2. more_2: I’m not sure if you were joking, but in case you weren’t, you have a seuda on Shushan Purim if you live in Yerushalayim since that is when Purim is there.

    Happy Purim!


    When Purim is on Friday, its one of the best kabbolas shabbos tefillas I experience. The inner-carelbach in me bubbles to the surface, and happiness reigns supreme!

    Too bad its only one day in the US, and only on occasion.

    Oh well, lishanah haba…..!


    its (not) emes:learn the halachos!!! it’s not osur to have a seudah after chatzos…some say it’s even l’katchial to be poraitz mapeh umekadesh…

    See the Re’ma in 695:2 that states “When Purim falls out on Friday, you should make the seuda in the morning because of Kavod Shabbos.” And the Mishna Brurah 695:10 states that lekatchila you must make the Seuda in the morning, before chatzos.

    So I’m not sure if you’re trolling or not, because someone who clearly did not take the time to learn the S”A with the M”B, is screaming at others that they didn’t learn the halachos.

    I stand uncorrected.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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