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    If a goy tries to force a Yid to change his custom, he must refuse to change his custom even if he will get killed as a result. This is even if it is something as “little” as if Jews have a certain way of tying their shoelaces, and someone threatens to kill him unless he ties his shoelaces differently, he must allow himself to be killed rather than change his custom. This is true even though Jewish Law does not even specify how to tie ones shoelaces. It applies even if it is “merely” a custom.

    Where is this principle brought down and which principle is this?

    From this principle we see that one should not change their customs or mesorah. If, for example, ones family tradition was to wear a hat and jacket (or a bekeshe, as the case may be), he should continue so.


    Englishman: Wow. That is a gross misstatement of the Halachah. It doesn’t mean a custom that is just normally how he does things. It means a custom that is done for Halachic reasons (as Rashi points out that the Jewish shoelaces were more Tznius). And it is only if the Goy wants to force him to change because he wants the Jew to act like a Goy. If the Goy points a gun and says “I hate hats; take yours off” then it’s a move against hats in general and not Jews wearing hats. Therefore one would be obligated to stop wearing the hat and preserve his life. If, however, he says, “I don’t want to see Jews wearing hats anymore; take yours off” then one would be Chayav to be Moser Nefesh to keep the hat on.


    Englishman, the chassidim ditched centuries of custom and mesorah when it was founded.

    golden mom

    people change their minhagim everyday

    so people shouldnt marry sb that has diffrent minhagim then he grew up w?

    people pick and choose what minhagim they wanna keep like for exaple by a wed ull be by one wed with chassish, litvish, sefradik and yekkish minhagim all in one!?


    Sam: That isn’t a misstatement. Even if the reasoning is not correct (and I’m not sure if it isn’t), the conclusion is surely correct. One shouldn’t change from their families mesorah or minhagim.

    golden mom: A wife accepts her husband’s minhagim upon her marriage.


    Mods, can you delete this thread or at least the OP. This is a gross, gross misrepresentation of the Halachah. It’s honestly making me sick re-reading it.

    It certainly is incorrect. I’ll settle for closing it, though.

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