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    So far, three of the six Nobel prizes have been awarded (Medicine and Physiology, Physics, Chemistry). Of the 8 laureates, 6 are Jewish(2 Israelis):

    Martin Karplus

    Michael Levitt

    Arieh Warshel

    James E. Rothman

    Randy W. Schekman


    rok am chacham v’navon hagoy hagadol hazeh


    Why do we care?


    ALL RIGHT!!!!!



    ^ a little something called ohr lagoyim. another little something called kiddush shem shomayim. However, I bet none of these Jews are frum, which makes it a little sad and less important. Still, as rt said, it proves the truth of “rak am chacham” and shows how great Jews can be.


    Every single one of them has an extensive secular education and is deeply involved with secular education. Their lives have been devoted to secular studies- science in particular. At least one of them served in the Israeli army.

    What do we think of these things? One day, we’re here touting and taking pride in their accomplishments (as if we had something to do with it), the next day we’re deriding anyone who might decide that college is more their thing than the Beis Medrash. It gets very confusing.


    Were any of them really Jewish (as in Shomer Shabbos, Shomer kashrus, etc.). From the pictures, they look like goyim.

    When Jews go off the derekh, they keep many Jewish attitudes towards academics, which serve them when in western countries – however that doesn’t make them “Jewish” and is not a matter for pride. If anything, it is just an advertisement of how going off the derekh is a good idea from an economic perspective (which shows how much frum Jews are moser nefesh by staying frum).


    Akuperma, halachicaly speaking, yes, most of them are definitely “really Jewish.” I’m sure you know that anyone with a Jewish mother is Jewish. Also, how can you “look like a goy?” What does a goy look like- white, black, brown, rich, poor, american, arab, chinese??? Be more precise.

    Regarding your substantive point, firstly, there are many frum businessmen, diamond dealers, professors, and millionaires. As long as you’re not in kollel, you can be frum and become rich, the expensive lifestyle notwithstanding. Ever hang around Monsey and see all the mansions??


    The closest synagogue to me is an Orthodox synagogue whose social hall is named for a member who won a Nobel Prize in Medicine in the 1970s, the late Dr. Rosalyn Yalow. May there be many more such honors!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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