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    Lilmod, but I would like a recommendation of the exact name of the program?

    Lilmod Ulelamaid



    Have you ever seen an unhappy gerbil? They’re adorable.

    My brother had two gerbils. Once one of them was running on the wheel and the other one stuck his head in and his head got chopped off.

    He probably wasn’t happy.

    Though now that I’m thinking about it, they might have been hamsters.

    Hey! Same thing happened to my hamsters. Do I know you?


    My mouth is wide open and I just made that noise! Hand covering my mouth until I needed it to type (I thought this expression only happens in movies)

    WOW. Awww. That’s a sad story and I’m glad that you shared it because how many people know of the dangers of hamster wheels?

    I never knew that they could be so fatal. That’s really sad and I am sorry Meno. Sorry for your brother, you, your family, and the hamsters and Mod’s hamsters and family too.

    Awww ~ Gerbils and hamsters deserve a life where they can run free being happy and living in a cotton candyland in a utopia for domesticated animals and all animals and walks of life including happy humans.

    Seriously wow.

Viewing 4 posts - 101 through 104 (of 104 total)
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