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    Please reference my earlier post titled Re Female Only Job Ads In Frum Community

    In this real bad job crisis our organizations and leaders need to do what ever possible to save families on the brink.

    With kosher fodd prices, amazingly high tuition costs, camp costs, the emphasys on large family building, we must do what we can.

    On issue I noticed is the large number of “Female only” jobs posted in Jewish papers and on line ads.

    Are we all “tsadikim” at shul and then at the office want to post “female only” ads?

    Men can also do most of these jobs and many men have the burden and worry of needing to support their families (like me)

    I was recently at a from employer who kisses the mezuza every time he enters and leaves a room and insisted on only wanting a young woman as a potential employee (he ended up picking an Indian woman – though he put out ads in the JP as well)


    and i suppose this is another “crisis”


    The crisis is a man with 4 children is unemployed and needs a job desperately


    im assuming the decision isnt arbitrary…as was mentioned in the other thread…perhaps there are other women working there and to minimize complications they arent interested in hiring a man. it goes the other way as well…where i work we wouldnt hire a woman to be secretary because the rest of the workers are men…i dont think anyone would challenge that. so ease up there.


    Regarding the issue of “other woman working there” I directly addressed this in the other thread (re female only job ads)

    Unless you walk around your office disrobed or hug each other, I’m not sure why there should be “complications”.

    How do you go to the grocery store or the city bus?

    If you mean Yichud, cant that be solved by not leaving the door locked or other relatively easy means.

    Regarding “Crisis” – You prbably havent read ANY Newspaper or Internet News Media for A Couple of Years?

    Theres a Major Economic and Job Crisis in the US right now for a few years.


    It depends on the size of the office. Why get so upset. Why not just call and ask? Pretend that you didn’t notice the ad said “female”. If you want a job go after it. I will also suggest that you don’t limit yourself to jewish newspapers. Look in the Times, Newsday, Post, Craigslist, etc.

    a mamin

    What I think is MOST IMPORTANT is that Jewish organizations realize there is a CRISIS on how many breadwinners are UNEMPLOYED!!! We need to start hiring only our own!! There are many companies that do not take this into consideration when hiring!I’ve been told that they can hire someone at minimum wage so why should they pay more? I will tell you why, because you get what you pay for!! You won’t have to worry about drugs, alcohol etc. (Hopefully)GIVING SOMEONE PARNOSSA IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF TZEDAKA!!

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