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    I have been reading about this topic lately, and I am wondering what advice anyone can give me. I would love to hear anybody`s experiences before I take the test.


    What you read was indeed published, and thus far has ben validated. It seems that the origin of at least 2 of these women was from northern Italy – Lombardy, and is in accord with the history of Charlemagne’s “requesting” some of the established familes of Lucca to move to Mayence/Maintz. Members of the Kalonimus family followed his call.

    Conversely, are you still wondering about the multitide of genetic diseases among Ashkenazim?



    ya, and what about all the inter-family marriages that goes on today in some segments of the jewish population. someone being their own uncle and nephew at the same time cant be healthy.


    Sammygol- I am not wondering about genetic diseases. I may be related to Dovid Ha Melech on my Mother`s side, and by doing the DNA testing may help determine this. The DNA. test is quite simple, all one has to do is swab the inner cheek with a Q tip. Some day I would like to do a Family Tree of my Paternal and Maternal Lines tracing the history (of my family) as far as I can. I guess I am interested in my Genealogical Roots.


    Hey, YOU said it, I kept silent, lest someone shouts that such thoughts automatically degrade the memory of some Rebbe who allowed and encouraged such practice. Don’t forget, among the Rebbes they are each other’s cousins 12 times over, sometimes very close cousins too. Some results are readily visible, but are swept under the rug. Unfortunately, that carpet isn’t magical, and known to all or not, the damaged progeny suffers for life.


    No, it can’t be healthy, but just look how filled the Torah is with such relationships. We have Lot and his daughters, Chava and her sons, etc. Before the world population was large enough to allow for genetic variability, there simply was no other choice but to marry one’s close relatives.



    Well know you did say it. And anyway why would it degrade a Rebbe who promoted it

    if there are actual people who suffer becuse of it? Either it is healthy or not,

    and it’s not.


    These relationships described in the Torah are not normal functioning

    relationships, if you mean to justify it by that.


    The DNA Shoah Project is building a genetic data base of people who lost family members during the Holocaust. This data base will help reunite families torn apart during wartime and aid in identifying victims of the Nazi regime who remain buried anonymously throughout Europe.

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