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    I’m surprised this hasn’t been posted here yet.

    The law makes sense to me. If you’re going to be a Jewish state, be a Jewish state. Don’t sit on the fence with one leg on each side.


    I guess no one else thought this was interesting. Maybe the new law is merely restating the obvious.

    Shulem Lemmer

    OP everybody in the Yeshiva World Coffee Room will respond to your post once it is aired tomorrow morning on the msm.


    Israel isn’t a Jewish state. The law is meaningless. There’s no difference whether the law exists or not other than that it incites the Arabs.


    Israel isn’t a Jewish state.

    What’s the definition of “Jewish state”?


    It has always been “nominally” a Jewish state, albeit run by apikoresim, that rejects halacha, and persecutes Bnei Torah. Note as well that Stalin set up a Jewish state, likewise run by apikoresim, that rejected halacha and persecuted Bnei Torah.


    The biggest issue with calling Israel a “jewish state” is people who are not halachic jews but are assumed to be jewish by everyone else and suffer the consequences of being jewish even though they are not (People with a jewish father or jewish grandfather). Both the Nazis and the Communists punished such people for being jewish


    Jewish Nation-State Law seems good on the face of it .This Law potentially can be positive.However it needs to be taken apart and weighed and clearly elaborated piece by piece. Else it could end up as the Basic Law of 1992 which was turned by the Bagat”z into the opposite
    of what it was passed for ,and a disaster
    Before the The Nationality Law should be approved ,First it should be decided who is covered by it .In other words who is of the Jewish Nationality
    Mi Yehudi?
    And more Importantly who is to stripped of it i.e. Converts to other religions,certain egregious heinous behaviors,etc.
    What is worrying is that the Bill is probably Schizophrenic

    1)This law in its original form was meant to legalize open discrimination against Arabs, with the probable aim of eventually legalizing annexing the West Bank. The law as it was originally written would have been bad for Israel’s standing in the world.
    2). No mention of Torah, mitzvos, Shabbos, These are the things that define us as a nation, not some flag or anthem. . I’m worried about the reform and others using this bill for their benefit,, Section 6 of the draft law, which MK Uri Maklev quoted it as saying “the state will act in the Diaspora to preserve the connection between the state and the people,” a formulation that parallels the recognition of the Reformists,

    3)Most of would actually implement Jewish Nationality has been removed, like the right of Jews to determine who lives in their communities.
    All the vague wordings that will give the secular state power over private and religious matters are all that remain.
    Just look who brought up this bill.
    It was propsed by MK Avi Dichter, a former ISA Director.
    This man has also widened the scope of surveillence in Israel.
    This guy is a lot smarter than Naftali Bennet and other nationalists who, originally got tricked into thinking this may be a good idea.


    On its surface the bill is idiotic. Israel is a Jewish State, has always been a Jewish state, and no one ever suggested anything different. Arabs are given equal rights as a matter of common decency, as well as darchei shalom and belonging to the camp of democracy.

    Note that the bill says that only Jews are entitled to self-determination. So only Jews have an uncontested right to vote. So the far-right can annex the West Bank and not give the Arabs there the right to vote, thus preventing the problem of a potential Arab majority.

    There are people in the current government who are just crazy enough to try to do this. The result will be a catastrophe for Israel. The BDS people will be dancing in the streets, while Israel will be trying to figure out how to resettle at least a quarter of a million people who have been uprooted, including a large number of young people who have no idea of how to live in mainstream Israeli society. Not to mention the tremendous investment in housing, businesses and schools that will be lost.

    And don’t tell me that Uncle Sam will protect us. The US can’t afford to support Israel economically all alone. We are in for a rough ride.

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