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    how does one get into the publishing world? i feel like the same names keep coming up and it’s impossible to get anything published unless you have a long list of experience. big and well known publishers don’t invest in new people and smaller publishers don’t have the money…how does a new author his/her book out in today’s day and age? (im talking hashkafa/self help books not novels)


    It’s very easy and inexpensive to self-publish these days through Amazon or other self-publishing providers.


    The way to get people interested is to have some way to foot the bill. But with all due respect, nobody is interested in hashkafah or self help books. If they would sell, there would be more publishers looking to invest in them.


    how does one get into the publishing world?

    Write something good and send it to a publisher.


    Google the sites for the big publishers. They usually give submission guidelines. Whether they’ll read/take your manuscript is a different story, but at least you got it into the office.

    Or, if you know anyone who does this kind of stuff (speaker, author, etc.) maybe ask for some vitamin P :).


    Self-publish it on the internet and have people buy it online. Best way to get a feel for how good you really are.


    Torah- she could be incredible and still not have the funds/ability to advertise that the book exists.

    live right

    if publishers are so picky explain to me how so many of these books got through their radar?


    A paradox is that a Youtube video can have more popularity/effect then a small — edition book. Thus how can we define a publication in the Internet Age?


    Live right: The bad books were self published – the author footed the bill and the distributor put their name on it and distributed it.

    live right

    really? I wouldn’t endorse just anything if I were a publishing company.


    Most Jewish publishing companies are run on a shoestring. When someone comes to them with a book that is not embarrassing and is willing to pay for printing, then the publisher will put their name on it and take a middleman’s cut for distributing it because they can only gain and not lose.

    I’m not saying I disagree with you, Live Right, or that your business model is worse. But this is the way the frum market works, as a perusal of any publisher’s lineup (except for Artscroll) shows.


    I hate to say it, but publishers print garbage because the garbage sells. It’s supply and demand. Why should they be selective when people actually buy the stuff they’re printing right now?


    There are lots of different complaints about the frum publishers, and they don’t all have the same explanation or excuse. Here are some:

    1. They don’t print the truth. Explained by the need to cater to their entire customer base. Alienating even a part of the ultra frum community would make it impossible to turn a profit.

    2. They print terrible books. If this refers to poorly written and edited novels, it can be because novels are profitable compared to other kind of books. They wouldn’t be profitable if they would require highly talented authors and editors.

    If this refers to well written and edited novels without a moral, like those of Yair Weinstock and similar, the reason is that they are perhaps the most profitable at all, but only Artscroll pretty much can afford to create that product. The reason they don’t have heavy handed morals is because that would ruin the books.

    3. They don’t print enough hashkafah/torah type books. That is because these books are almost always money-losers. When you see them, it’s usually because the author paid to publish them. And even then, they take up valuable retail and warehouse space.

    Oh Shreck!

    Very easy to get something published. Use the Coffee Room.


    Publish online. If you have a following start charging for the content. If it is good enough, people will pay for it.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    apushateyid- I wouldn’t say to start for free, because that’ll give people the impression that you are a poor writer. Rather give the first 50 free in order to get some reviews.


    Speaking of Jewish publishing. I recently saw a sefer that was “printed in China”. Is this the new trend?


    Apushatayid: It is not a new trend although it may be becoming more common. China has always been cheaper, but it has also been a bit more unpredictable and requires much longer lead time. If the book requires a larger investment, and/or is ready for print long, long before it’s going to be shipped, it is more likely to be printed in China.

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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