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    I think the refrain is “ma tagidi, ma tagidi lach”
    maybe it also has the words “nafshi cholas” in it.
    Not sure.

    It’s a beautiful dveykus song, which i was hoping to find online.

    I keyed in the tune via the musipedia Flash-piano-keyboard, and clicked search.
    but nothing yielded.

    Another example of unfindable song is “yigaleh nah, uphros…es sukkas…”

    There’s many times i tried finding those types of songs unsuccessfully (or else a phonetic word-search might yield ughy chazzonus or jazzed-up jewish song, or contemporary high-decibel cacophony.)

    If anyone has a clue for successfully finding songs if you know the words or tune, i’d appreciate feedback.


    For the first one, try searching for the title Hishbati eschem. For the second one, try Higaleh na


    midwesterner, I spent hours typing a response (due to finding links & recording song), and now for some reason my response isn’t registering. Very frustrating.


    I’m trying to post yet a 3rd time, this time omitting the links which YWN doesn’t seem to allow.

    Thanks for your feedback! I only found one of the above, by being a detective & using youtube’s suggestion to try it as “higale na” and even then, it took many tries.

    And even the below isn’t quite the dveykus rendition i had in mind, even if it’s the correct song (israeli style):

    As for Hishbati eschem, nope, the ones yielded by youtube isn’t the song i’d keyed into musipedia.

    I wish there’d have been a way to download the tune i keyed on the musipedia flash-piano (and i ALSO wish there were an AUDIO alternative to ImgBB, since Clyp requires an account), but what the heck, i jumped thru lot of hoops, and below, finally, is the tune.

    So after all that, do you know the words to the below “Donald-Duckified” tune?


    Hishbati is words from shir hashirim
    Just open a Chumash


    Song comes from Dudi Kalish,
    A nice heart warming song.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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