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    Joe Schmo

    The YWN homepage has a story today about the McCain campaign in talks with a Jewish Congressman from Virginia as a possible Vice President.

    Does anyone agree with me that this would be a very bad idea? Or do people think that it’s a good idea.

    Please comment respectfully, and lets make sure that this thread looks like a group of mature individuals discussing current events.

    (I am copying the story and pasting it below)

    Cantor, 45, the chief deputy minority whip in the House, has been mentioned among several Republicans as a possible running mate for McCain. A Republican familiar with the conversations between Cantor and the McCain campaign said Cantor has been asked to turn over documents, but did not know specifically what records were sought.

    (Source: Associated Press)


    You might be right that it isn’t the greatest idea, but ven es is nisht doo bessers…

    I’d still vote for McCain/Cantor than for Obama..

    Also, don’t forget that it can also be beneficial – a yid would make sure to fight for his brothers when the need arises… (if he would have the guts, depending on his personality)


    I’m in agreement that I think it would not be such a good idea. (Granted this wouldn’t sway my vote I’m still not going to vote for Obama)Anytime when Jews get involved, it just opens the doors for anti-semites to open their mouths to reclaim the postition that we are secretly controlling the USA.



    minyan gal

    I am not an American, but I think that there is nothing wrong with the idea. If he gets the nod it isn’t because he is Jewish, but because he is the best man for the job. Somebody Jewish eventually will be elected and somebody has to be first. It wasn’t very long ago that they said a black person will never be president – and it happened. Had he not gotten the nomination, then you may have had a female president – and people said that could never happen either.


    Why is this thread coming up again?

    McCain was even more serious about Sen. Joseph Lieberman. I think that had he selected Lieberman he might have won.

    d a

    a yid would make sure to fight for his brothers when the need arises…

    We had two Jews who were on the top of Obama’s White House. One is still there and there are many more on lower levels. Are they helping us in any way?


    its much easier for a simpathatic non jew to help us then for a jew to do so.


    Yes, I have heard people dont want because if something goes wrong they will blame the jews

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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