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    As an Englishman I felt that the approach of the British Chief rabbi in England to be out of place.

    1. First of all I feel that jews should keep a low profile in golus, publicly supporting one candidate is out of place.

    2. If one bears in mind that the election was primarily about Brexit – an issue of tremendous importance to every one in England – it was unreasonable to expect everyone to follow their conscience as it affects the Jews.

    3. To announce that the majority of yidden will leave a country if the prime minister is an anti semite or that people are reminded of the 1930’s is out of place. Hitler had by that stage published his mein kamph and clearly expressed his intentions, Corbyn, for all his anti Semitism in unlikely to build concentration camps.

    [The rov of gateshead met מרן הגרמ”ד הלוי and asked him about leaving England, he told that R’ Chayim Oizer and his father the brisker Rav were only so adamant about leaving Eastern Europe since Hitler had very clearly expressed his intentions.]

    Can yiidden is golus really not live in a country in which the leader is an outspoken anti semite?

    Reb Eliezer

    What you are saying is a Klei Yokor in Parashas Devorim on פנו לכם צפונה turn to the hidden.


    The current Chief Rabbi of England is much worse that his immediate predecessor, who himself proffered apikorsus in his published book.


    Are you saying Lashon hara?


    No, at the end of Shmiras HaLashon (Hilchos Rechilus 9:15), the Chofetz Chaim writes that the prohibitions against Lashon Hara and Rechilus do not apply to reshaim and kofrim and that it is, in fact, a mitzvah to mock such persons:

    “מצוה לפרסם דעתם הכוזבת לעיני הכל ולגנותם, כדי שלא ילמדו ממעשיהם הרעים.”

    “It is a mitzvah to make their false opinions public before all, and shame them so that others do not learn from their evil deeds.”

    “החפץ חיים בהלכות לשון הרע כלל ח’ סעיף ה’ – אומר: “אותם האנשים שמכירם שיש בהם אפיקורסות מצווה לגנותם ולבזותם בין בפניהם ובין שלא בפניהם”.

    ובהמשך- “אפיקורוס נקרא הכופר בתורה… ואפילו הוא אומר כל התורה כולה מן השמים חוץ מפסוק אחד…”

    Do you disagree with the Chofetz Chaim or before we should ignore this Chofetz Chaim?

    Avi K

    1. Are you saying that German Jews should not have opposed Hitler ym”s in the last few elections in Weimar Germany? As for leaving the country, polls already stated that. They also said that Hitler would not do everything he said once he was a leader as happens with many politicians.
    2. Actually, Rav Chaim Ozer and the Brisker Rav lived in what was then eastern Poland. At first it was under Soviet occupation. The former died before the German attack (which was actually Hitler’s first unbelievable mistake, the second being declaring war on the US). The fact that many gedolim were tragically wrong about not leaving is another discussion.
    3. I can think of several past and present leaders who are not outspoken antisemites or even closet antisemites. Trump. Reagan. LBJ. JFK. Macron. Thatcher.

    Joseph, what about trolls?

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