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    I’m just curious what people think about this. I am a woman singer, and more than a few people have told me “why are you only singing for women, you’d do so much better if you sang for everyone”.

    Firstly its not an option for me, I’m frum, and I would never sing for men. Just to make that clear.

    But I disagree with the statement that I’d do better. If anyone looks on reverbnation or cd baby or ANY music website, do you realize how many thousands perhaps millions of musicians there are out there. I’d imagine I’d just be lost in one of those millions if I was for the general public.

    So I just cater to a specific crowd, and I think I’ll do way better than getting ‘lost in the crowd’.

    Agree or disagree?



    Yes it can be said you should do well if you are catering for a Jewish women only market. To do well in the real world would no doubt require great marketing skills coupled with the most important combination of a good voice and exciting repertoire.

    I love listening to women’s voices and as a frum woman am always on the lookout for new and different people to follow.

    I am a big fan of Yasmin Levy and I know many other frum women from very varied backgrounds who buy her music.



    It depends on how good you are, how dedicated you are willing to be, and how much you understand about publicity. If you were willing to put in a lot of effort and you are good enough, you could probably make yourself famous on YouTube without a very big budget. You just have to do it right. For example, don’t just post randomly; that won’t get you anywhere. Instead, post video responses to other videos which have just begun to go viral, and your videos should be covers of the songs you’re responding to, with your own original feel. Getting your videos to go viral is a science; you just have to study YouTube well enough. With enough publicity you would develop a large fan base and you could go anywhere from there.

    At the same time, the Jewish market is definitely much easier to break into. Though I’m speaking as a guy (I sing as well); we generally gain publicity and break into the market through wedding gigs and stuff like that. I don’t know what it’s like for a woman.


    Lol so maybe I’m biased because I’m very strong on Kol Ishah so my prognosis that I’d do better catering for Jewish only is biased.

    yitayningwut – Happens to be I work in marketing and do alot of social media for my company and if I searched my music name I had over 2mil hits on google a couple of months ago (haven’t been so active lately so its down to 400K).

    For women we give women only concerts but I’m still trying to figure that part out but there is a market out there for women only events and fundraisers etc.

    Tahini – I havent heard of Yasmin Levy – i’ll check it out. I think there’s a big need for a Jewish Womans music website, even though mostly music has women on it there are so many and half aren’t my taste or out of date so I get sick of going through all their music after a few minutes.



    I hear.


    shira: just a heads up. yasmin levy is not someone to be fan of. I thought the conversation was about frum women singers, not just JEWISH women singers…



    I have no useful opinions on the topic, but I just want to say that you should look up Moran Sabbah. Very cool frum woman singer.


    Moron Old Woman?!





    Shopping613 🌠

    So wait a singer as in like u have cd’s on mostlymusic?


    not yet 🙂 gotta send it in – i put it in stores in my city and its on iTunes n other places for download etc…


    Shopping613 🌠

    Yes finnaly, half the singers these days put their music on itunes like a year after it came out….its SOOOOOO annoying…..esspicially cuz itunes is cualeaper than mostlymusic and galpaz…….socwait if its already on itunes…..what’s it called???? I wanna look it up!


    Ah I dunno if I can post it up here MOD’s can I post the name of my CD up here? Pretty please? Frum girls need my music!! 😉


    Shopping613 🌠

    listen shira if the mod would wanna say no he would have added in bold on the bottom of your last post, no! they do that….just post a link to your website and if the mods dont think its ok they wont let it pass……….ok! just tell them this is a link to my new cd……;

    [$]613 (Shopping613)

    The Awarder of SUC (Single Username Certificates)



    In the jewish world, the way you make money is the Simcha Circuit.

    Avraham Fried does not make his money off CD’s or Benefit Concerts (Someone who makes money from music told me most of the time he is asked to do them for FREE) , he makes his money by doing the Simcha Circuit. I heard he gets about $10,000 per gig.

    I am sure Lipa Schmeltzer gets most of his income from the same thing

    (How Often do you see Avrham Friend of Lipa Schmeltzer do a FOR-PROFIT concert)

    I also happen to know about the CD business, It costs about $2-$3 to produce a CD (Including studio time) for a $10 CD, thats $7 profit

    If he sold 10,000 CD’s (Only really big acts sell 10,000 CD’s) he would make $70,0000

    Unfortunatly if you are a Frum female, the Simcha Circuit avenue is closed to you


    What is Simcha Circuit??

    And I’m not looking to “Make Money” I’m looking to reach out. The Cd’s that sell i”yh will cover my costs. As it is I don’t spend on a studio because I have one in house, and actually there’s way more money in owning a studio than selling CD’s thats for sure.

    My music is geared for teenagers and women alike to strengthen them in Yiras Shomayim, and the job of a woman. I don’t really care about the money part – its my extra hobby I work full time. But… that being said the jewish music industry is becoming alot larger than people thing for frum women… with close facebook groups I happen to have 400 people in my group. If that means I make money – no lol. But thats not what its about….


    Shopping613 🌠

    So what’s the Cd name? Zahavas dad you are right! I personally know that cuz ive personally met Avraham fried and lipa shmeltzer at charity concerts, a close friend of mine is in chai lifelike and gets a lot of singers to sing for free…….


    Violating Kol Isha is such an incredibly big danger that the only way in which I can see frum women singing as acceptable would be in live performances at women-only events. Here in Gateshead there are occasionally such events. My wife is a member of the Gateshead choir (which isn’t really a fixed group, though), they perform at least once per year on Chanuka.

    But any form of recording should not be allowed. Not on CD, and most certainly not online. I admit that this is unfortunate, but I believe the risk is far too large otherwise.



    The Simcha Circuit is performing at Simchas, Weddings Bar Mitzvahs etc


    Shopping613 I don’t wna put it up here coz it gives away too much info about me :/ you can try contacting them and asking them if they can reach me to send you the information.



    shira: click HERE, sign-in and by “Website” put in a website you want to link to. Then your SN will become a link to that site.

    Also, you add/change your SN by changing “Nickname”. That is how I added ™ to my SN. Just make sure that in the box underneat it, it shows your new name.

    Hope this gets posted!




    Look at that! It actually went through! Amazing!



    Shopping613 🌠

    But what she’s saying is that she dosent want e/o to know who she is….everyone will know her real name since its on her cd….well maybe ill just wait till its on the front page of mostlymusic….


    Thanks SiDi – but yeah Shopping’s right – I’d prefer not to have more than one SN – it takes enough time looking after one lol. If I give my name out I’ll have to do that…

    Lol thanks Shopping – that gives me an extra motivation! Better get onto it!!


    Shopping613 🌠

    ya same here!

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