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    RationalFrummie (is that an oxymoron?):

    Could you clarify which Jews hou think are crazy? Lev Tahor? Frei Jews who don’t see the value of Torah/Mitzvos? People like little froggie who can’t take jokes?

    I’m assuming you’re asking me. With all due respect, I wish people would stop asking. No, I cannot (or at least choose not to) clarify. It is open to interpretation.


    No, I cannot (or at least choose not to) clarify.



    This isn’t fair, MOD; you hold all the cards!

    I. M. Shluffin

    K, so everyone has to interpret it now. No one is allowed to have the same interpretation. I’ll go first.

    Jews are crazy as regards to the second definition given when a person (namely, I) searches for “the defintion of crazy” through a popular online search engine (as opposed to searching in a dictionary – THAT would be crazy).

    The second definition reads as follows: (I’ve already mentioned this, but I know some people don’t like reading long posts, like this one is turning into.)

    2. extremely enthusiastic.

    “I’m crazy about cholent.”

    synonyms: passionate about, (very) keen on, enamored of, infatuated with, smitten with, devoted to.

    I’d say Jews are pretty keen on Hashem.


    Why is everyone talking like crazy is a bad thing?


    Speaking of crazy, MOD it was pretty crazy for you not to post my last comment. If things don’t work out for you here you can alway get a job at the FJJ.


    Nope. Pretty smart. They don’t want to have to be busy with my replies…


    Okay, I’m gonna try this again, this time with an explanation and maybe I can sneak it by. I quoted I.M. Shluffin who wrote, “I’d say Jews are pretty keen on Hashem.” My comment was, “not all Jews are keen on Hashem.” Now, we’re all aware that secular, non-observant Jews vastly outnumber us frum types. We also know that within our own community we have kids (and some adults)who struggle with their emunah and sometimes, unfortunately, leave the fold. So now that I’ve put my original comment in context, will someone please tell me why it was censored? What about it was the least bit controversial? Or untrue, for that matter?


    I’m at the receiving end of their rod (or spear – ‘spear the rod’) by far, more than anyone here.

    Sometimes Mods won’t follow your train of thought, or the trail of conversation. So he / she makes a wrong assumption and hastily goes for the <DELETE COMMENT> button. Sometimes a Mod would give it more thought and ‘chap’ the intention. I guess it depends on the Mod at duty, and how much he / she bogged down by the task, how many posts per minute are coming in.

    – my opinion


    But maybe I’m crazy

    Maybe you’re crazy

    Maybe we’re crazy



    Little Froggie, we are equal opportunity offenders, not you more than anyone else.

    Sure, we make mistakes, we’re humans. Please be assured, though, that we are simply trying to keep the CR a place where everyone can feel comfortable. We are probably doing a pretty good job, considering the fact that we are simultaneously being accused of being too strict and too lax.


    Aha! The mods have finally confessed their species!


    Yashi & Pember – (I talk to Hashem at least thrice a day too, sometimes even frice or more. He doesn’t respond.) He doesn’t respond? He has responded to me many times & I would like to give 3 examples: (1) One winter night I had to make 2 beds for company. I was very tired and begged Hashem to help me put the blankets into the covers as I felt that I didn’t have the strength to do it myself. I then proceeded to put the corners of the blanket into the cover & gave one shake and everything fell into place. I then asked Hashem to help me with the 2nd bed also and the same thing happened. 2) I was asked to make the chulent for my grandson’s Aufruf seudah. My daughter gave me beans that I never worked with and rice instead of potatoes. I provided the meat and everything was to go into a borrowed oven that I also never worked with. I was in a quandary as I didn’t know how to proceed. I stood over the oven the longest time until I finally cried to Hashem to please make the chulent himself because I don’t how to. I then proceeded to just pour everything in and added the water, which I also didn’t know how much to put in. The rest I left up to Him. Shabbos afternoon all the guests were amazed at how delicious that cholent was. None had ever tasted such a delicious cholent before. 3)One Erev Pesach, which was also Erev Shabbos, my daughter was not able to start cooking until just 2 hours before. As she started preparing she asked Hashem to do the cooking Himself. As she peeled vegetables her hands were moving so very fast that it made her dizzy. In 2 hours she was able to make things that she thought she couldn’t.

    So, if Hashem doesn’t respond to you, either you should realize that “no” is also an answer or try to strenghten your connection.


    Yes, I’m not going to agree or approve chas v’sholom. You certainly don’t need my (or anyone’s) approval. I Just didn’t want to leave the main page saying “Jew are crazy…BelieveYouMe” so I volunteered to stick in my nose. Let ’em think it’s the rantings of a little froggie.


    As to the content (not really my cupatee – every here knows – I usually don’t get mixed into the nitty gritty details of real life)

    I’m sure everyone realizes that that is actually the main reason of davening Tefillah – to connect to HaShem. Actually wer’re told that “Tefilah” is related to ?????? which meas connected. I’m sure everyone realizes that the main reasons HaShem brings a tzara upon a person is to get him to Daven and thereby strengthen the connection through davening. That in itself is the greatest benefit. If HaShem decided to answer “Yes”, all to more reason the give ??? ??????. If not, at least he gained through davening. Another connection, another chance at private audience with his Creator. Inestimable benefit, zchus, privilege. And for that we thank HaShem with an ?????.


    Thank you for your fabulous advice consisting of trite platitudes (as opposed to trite platypuses, although they are of the same genus). When will you guys stop taking everything I say so seriously and start taking NOTHING I say seriously??? I’ve only said it umpteen times: relax!


    I so don’t belong in here.

    I. M. Shluffin

    Y and P, no offense, but perhaps you should relax. You’re getting so serious about not being serious. Maybe everyone is pretending to be serious, but in reality they’re just having fun. Maybe everyone likes to see you blow up. I mean, I don’t, of course. But maybe other people do.

    You so do belong in here. You are personally responsible for the happiness of many posters. So many get a good laugh reading your posts. Never leave us, please!

    Breathe deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth, up through your toes, and shout through your south. It doesn’t have to make sense. It has to rhyme. It doesn’t have to be serious/not serious. It has to be rhyme and remain in harmony. Peace, love, chocolate. Take a cue, and take a nap. Dream of rainbows and unicorns and koala bears. Sweet shluffin.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Lol I.M. Shluffin.


    So to put it all together, you were referring to the non-religious being too religious, and I proved the point that you didn’t really mean.


    I happen to shout through my south quite often.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    When will you guys stop taking everything I say so seriously and start taking NOTHING I say seriously??? I’ve only said it umpteen times: relax!

    I guess we don’t have to take that too seriously either.


    Does anyone here like cheese?




    Thank you.

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