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    Kikar HaShabbat.
    ‘The mayor Revivo revealed.
    Riots – 5781: Jews leave the city of Lod.
    During a discussion of the Eretz Israel lobby in the Knesset, the mayor of Lod, Yair Revivo, revealed that about 400 Jewish families had left the city, after the violent riots that took place there a few months ago.’
    17 Av 5781. July 26, 2021


    I thought the State is the zionist dream land.

    Yabia Omer

    Ujm you’re right. Williamsburg is the dream land.


    מהרסיך…ומחרביך ממך יצאו

    Asides from Arab Islamic racism there is the radical left Haaretz that throws around the racism label where not applicable.


    Why Lod Jews fear….


    Seven Arabs indicted for murder, terrorism in May killing of Jewish Lod man

    5 defendants are residents of the city, 2 are West Bank Palestinians who were illegally in country; prosecutors say they aimed to ‘instill fear’

    By TOI STAFF, 24 June 2021

    Murder, terrorism, and <sgrong>racism charges were filed Thursday against seven men accused of stoning Yigal Yehoshua to death in the central Israeli city of Lod last month…

    Five of those indicted at the Central District Court are Arab Israelis and the other two are Palestinians who were illegally staying in Israel at the time.


    Israel is home to fewer Jews than America.

    More Jews are killed in Israel due to terrorism r”l than in the rest of the world put together, multiplied by 10.

    Avi K

    BTW, the Ben Ish Hai says learn from the fate of the spies that one who speaks badly about Eretz Yisrael is liable to כרת. Rav Meir Simcha and the Maharam Haggaz also have very sharp things to say about this. Rashi (Sanhedrin 110b) says
    תנו רבנן עשרת השבטים אין להם חלק לעולם הבא שנאמר ויתשם ה’ מעל אדמתם וגו’ — ואית דמפרשי עשרת השבטים אין להם חלק לעולם הבא היינו לימות המשיח, שלא יקבלם משיח עם שאר גליות לפי שספרו בגנות ארץ ישראל כדאמרן לעיל, כי מטו שוש וכו’, ובדבר הזה נענשו מרגלים:


    Avira: First of all, that;s not true. Also, many of the “Jews” in America are NOT Halachic Jews.

    The fact that there are so many Jews in America, is nothing to be proud of. You are acting just like the Meraglim. Hashem never told anyone that we belong in America. The situation there is deteriorating rapidly. Jews are beaten in the streets of you ir hakodesh.

    There are also far more murders and shootings in many U.S. cities in one weekend than in all of Israel in an entire year. Keep deluding yourself.

    When you are forced to run away from your paradise, where are you going to go?


    Clashes and incitement

    The fanatical extremist hate site Haaretz, who has been inciting against religious Jews for years especially on its English version, quoted often by neo-nazis, but uses the term “racism” a lot for bait clicks, its hands isn’t clean either . In its typical twisted minds, it rationalizes Arab racism and terms worry for safety as “racist.”


    Haaretz is the zionist edition of Der Stürmer.

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