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    bored_teen 💕

    Now that Chanukah is here, we see all of our “fellow Jewish” politicians celebrating Chanukah. It bothers me that while debating or voting on laws, the people totally disregard Judaism but when it’s time for the election/campaign promotion they suddenly remember that they’re Jewish. Seeing (second-gentleman)Doug Emhoff light the menorah without a yamukah and with his goyish wife at his side it’s just a reminder: They’re not our friends! They only use their Yiddishkeit for election and monetary gain.
    (Ex: Chuck Shumer, Jerry Naddler, Jon Ossof etc.)

    Shimon Nodel

    They would have been killed by the chashmonaim


    “They’re not our friends! They only use their Yiddishkeit for election and monetary gain.”

    Are you accusing yiddeshe politicians of acting politically? Say it isn’t so.


    We probably should define a “Jew” as someone who at the least in Shomer Shabbos and Shomer Kashrus (and just those two sets of mitsvos more or less preclude being part of “normal” American life). If you throw in things such as dressing frum or a man having a beard and pe’os, you will discover that there are almost no Jews in political office outside of low level positions serving districts that have a high percentage of frum Yidden.

    It is probably in out interests to let the (increasingly non-Jewish) descendants of Jews identify with the Jewish aspects of their heritage since that precludes the “racial” anti-semitism that led to the holocaust.

    That non-frum Jews celebrate Hanukah is amusing, since the holiday celebrates a war in which the frum Jews defeated the secular Jews (there was no racial anti-semitism back then, the Greeks loved assimilated Jews,it was only frum Jews who were persecuted). But we should probably not say that when the secular Jews are listening (why pick fights when you don’t have to).


    Thirty years ago things were different. Generally speaking a Jewish politician even a secular one could have been counted on to have a Jewish identity and identify with Jewish causes. Even frum ones.

    Today we are better off with a conservtive non-Jew than a secular Jewish politician. And from people like Bernie Sanders and the other left wing “Jewish” politicians we can only expect hostility. Even worse than from the average non-Jewish politician.

    If a politician makes reference to his being Jewish in a context other than when it benefits him politicly it’s one thing if he lights a Menorah. When a guy like Doug Emhoff lights a menorah all I can say is “What are you celebrating? Your side lost!”


    To akuperma: It is not up to you or me or anyone else to define who is Jewish. Hashem decides that, and He always gets it right.

    Edited (are you trolling the mods today?)


    “but when it’s time for the election/campaign promotion they suddenly remember that they’re Jewish.”

    what election? What campaign? Is there an election coming up?

    mesivta bachur

    I personally would prefer to light their “Chanukah bush” but that would be arson and therefore illegal. You should always keep in mind how beautiful these universal symbols of freedom are when lit by VP Miriam bas Bilga.

    Happy Chanakah 29


    I dont see the compelling reason to a menorah in Oshkosh Wi. or Helena Mt. or some other insignificant place by the local rabbi and elected offical. While we are at it what is this lunacy of driving around with a menorah on a roof? trying to compete with a certain saint?


    Akuperma; there’s a reason why frei people are more drawn to chanukah than other yomim tovim. Chanukah is a time when the kedushah goes to the lowest levels. It’s seen in the halacha that you’re supposed to light the menorah less than 10 tefachim off the ground, while the gemara says the the shechina never goes that low, because on chanuka the ha’aros go down to the lowest depths. It’s also the reason why chanukah is in the darkest time of winter, in a month that’s assigned to eisav, and it’s the only yom tov which is in the latter half of a month(which has bad mazel). Chanukah lifts up a person with isarusa deli’ayla, a divine boon that happens automatically with the zman; all one must do is let himself tap into it. That’s the famous bnei yisaschar on dreidel; on chanuka, we spin from the top down, representing isasrusa deli’ayla, but on Purim we spin a grager from the bottom, signifying isarusa delitata, awakening from the bottom up…when we have to motivate ourselves more to access the ha’aros of the day


    Dear Bored,

    You got it right! To paraphrase from Rashi, Doug Emhoff is not your friend. He is your brother.


    Dear Smerel,

    Compared to then, there are not really that many Jewish causes. It’s not complicated.


    Dear Akuprma,

    Did Huju read what you wrote correctly? Please explain.


    “probably should define a “Jew” as someone who at the least in Shomer Shabbos and Shomer Kashrus”

    You disagree with the halachic definition of a Jew?


    Bored teen, you are so right

    Akuperma, you are right as well. Although technically a person bored of a Jewish mother is an halachik Jew, there are laws how we relate to non-frum people similar to non-Jews and for the record that doesn’t mean being rude or disrespectful.

    commonsaychel, I totally agree with you.

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