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    My respect is for the POTUS no matter what name is attached. I give no respect to MR. Trump as an individual…he hasn’t earned it up til now.


    The information about Trump’s bedtime reading came from a Vanity Fair article in 1990. Here’s the relevant part:

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    CTlawyer- I got that, I was just wondering where the idea of respecting a president came from. Is that a halachic inyan?


    Whether we care or not, the first lady’s fashion choices influence what goes on the racks and what women wear. Frum women are not immune.

    Ralph Lauren may not be directly setting fashion trends for the masses, but with the first lady as his muse, he’s getting through with osmosis.

    Having a Jewish name dressing this nonJewish woman still makes a difference.

    Ralph Lauren has stores in Israel is meaningful. When how many nations and individuals have stuff to say about Israel? As if they can live without anything affiliated with Israel, G-d forbid?

    Do we not need the world to relate to Israel as a friend?


    I appreciate having someone Jewish who supports Israel out there dressing the first lady.

    Of course there are bigger issues at hand. Though keep in mind that clothing is personal. People bring it into their homes. They become familiar with the brand. Hopefully, b’esrat Hashem, fondly.

    What happens behind the scenes also matters.

    Thank you

    Avi K

    Lilmod, in the army one only salutes an officer wen he is in uniform as the respect is for the uniform. L’havdil elef alfei hevdalim, when Ben-Gurion was PM Rav Tzvi Yehuda was restrained in his criticism. Once after BG resigned RTY blasted him. When his talmidim asked about he said “When he was PM I had to show respect for his office. Now he is just another apikoros”.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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