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    Dave Hirsch

    The following is what I wrote for Yiddish Nayes:

    Ben Torah

    Dave – Well said. although you need primarily address the frei yidden, as the frum tend to strongly vote Republican as it is.


    I’m so disgusted by the political process that I think I’ll just throw darts at the ballot this year.

    Yes, it’s only a joke — but only by half.

    The Wolf


    VOTE REPUBLICAN!! Arn’t we all tired of Obama!!!


    if you read history youll see that it wasnt always the way it is now, the two parties have evolved over the past 75 years. democrats/liberals have pushed many issues over the years that created the enviroment we now live in. there are too many examples but one off the top of my head is discrimination against all minorities including jews. certain abuses were accepted in the past that wouldnt be considered now. granted with time things were pushed well past the limit of proper balance but my point is with a fuller perspective of history you can gain alot of wisdom. often you might meet a old timer (frum person) who is a staunch democrat and i think this is the reason. c’s am i giving any haskama to the current democratic party just saying that many issues jews value about conservatism was only brought about over the yrs by the counter balance of the democratic party

    ☕️coffee addict

    My rosh yeshiva actually had a vort for the shabbos on parshas lech-lecha where he said that sedom’s ideology was the ideal and that the messed up by taking it to an extreme but that everyone should work for their life and not get handouts and give yourself an existance, and when i asked him if this was a veiled allusion to republicains he agreed said republicains aren’t the people of sodom (to which i replied it’s the ideology that they’re touting not that they are in and of themselves)

    Dave Hirsch

    Ben Torah, with a post stating that the Torah supports communism on Yeshiva World News, do you still think this post wasn’t necessary?

    And if you realized, all he did was elaborated on my words …the Torah is a big proponent of supporting the needy, having initiated multiple programs and commandments to assist the poor… Yes. We all agree that the Torah supports and encourages charity. The Gemara hails the Jewish nation as Rachmanim and Gomlei Chasadim, but that isn’t to be done by taking, actually stealing, money from others. Does the Torah support socialism and communism? Yes, It is hard to work, but that was the curse to Adam HaRishon… by sweating and toiling will you earn.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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