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    i need your help real badly. i have a sister who’s driving me crazy, asking me what kind of job is suited for her. she’s very smart-mainly good at math and the like, but not interested in acct. she’s friendly and talkative, but very shy, so would be interested in something that’s one on one. not interested in the medical field. currently has ba in liberal arts, very organized and hard working, wants to go for masters but doesnt know in what field, any ideas? your advice would be much appreciated by the both us.




    Math teacher

    Pharmacist (I know you said no to the medical field, but Pharmacy uses a lot of math)

    Hatzlacha rabbah.



    Data analyst

    Data modeller

    Operations scheduling


    Computer programmer!!!




    Air Traffic Control (No joke, my entire childhood this is all I wanted to do, sadly physics is not in my blood)



    If she wants to spend a few dollars, there are tests that can be administered that will evaluate personality, skills and strengths and give a list of suitable jobs.


    There are several online that give acurate information without cost.


    my sis not satisfied with any of these ideas, any more advice?


    I don’t know if it can be a full time job by itself, but a math tutoring job would prob. suit her. She can “test drive” it in the summer to see if she likes it in her local community (maybe even as a volunteer) and if she does can go for whatever educational training necessary to make it in the broader world.

    I know oomis mentioned math teacher, but tutoring is usually one on one, which she prefers.


    tutoring is good, but won’t bring in a particularly good salary (unless one develops a wide fan base). It’s a great secondary job, though.



    I dont know, maybe it’s just me, but your sister sounds like an accountant in the making. Is she sure she knows enough about the field to make in informed decisions. She seems to have the skills and disposition to be successful in that field.

    Just something to rethink.

    Song of Blessing

    a) she should go to university and go to career counseling thats what they do.

    b) she could look online to see what kind of jobs are out there and what sounds interesting to her and what kind of education is needed for those jobs

    Maths doesn’t always have to be an accountant.

    Engineering, Architecture and alot of jobs in the design field require a good deal of maths and creativity.

    If she wants something interesting and she’s organized, the organization and hard working could just mean she will progress in whatever field she chooses. She doesn’t have to choose her career based on those character traits.

    Hope this helps 😉

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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