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    So this is the problem- my family moved from Israel 5 years ago, and B”H we’ve settled well and are very happy. The only problem is my mother. She doesn’t speak English, so she can’t make any new friends/get a job or be involved with anyone. I would love to hear if anyone went through a similar situation or if anyone has any idea of a solution. Thanks!

    p.s- She’s in her upper 30’s if that helps.


    she should A- find Israeli women to befriend! Meet them at shiurim, volunteering at bikur cholim/tomchei shabbos, etc, amein groups… B- learn english! There are many programs, teachers, self-teaching books n audio. Also, perhaps she can get a job as a dikduk or other limudei kodesh teacher.


    take esl classes.

    work in a jewish owned grocery store so that she can communicate with israeli customers and speak to the israeli companies about shipments of food.


    try teaching her english yourself.


    Actually, something similar happened to my mom. But she came from Canada to Israel and didn’t know any Hebrew. It was easier because lots of people there speak English but she went to a Hebrew class in order to learn Hebrew. She knows Hebrew now but we’re back in Canada. So your mom could go to an English class. And once she’s good enough, she could become a Hebrew teacher for more advanced people.


    Hebrew teacher at a day school

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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