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    I see the thread about “support”, and I hope this won’t open up some negative comments. But does anyone have any good ideas?

    My husband learned for many years and now does some tutoring (when he can find it.) My income (with no official support sometimes gifts like a crib or stroller), plus living very simply has kept us going for many years.

    At this point with the cost of living going up go much, plus costs of tuitions we are not making it anymore. My husband had hoped to do something in chinuch and is very good with boys who are struggling, but the field is super over-crowded.

    Any parnassa ideas for him – he’s very good with people, but does not have current computer skills.

    I know you’ll say sales. I don’t think at this age and stage of life he will just get a job somewhere.

    Maybe a bit more of a sophisticated idea – eg patient representative something like that.


    For any idea that we will come up with you can say well it’s over-crowded. And im sure it will actually feel like it’s over-crowded until he gets a job. So whatever job opening he hears about and sounds good to him that’s what he should be doing.


    Cholov Yisroel watcher

    Wal Mart checkout person/official greeter

    CDL driver


    You are probably better off staying on the dole and not having to pay tuitions at this point. But if you really want to get off, struggle for another two/three years on one of these jobs, and go to college at night.


    First of all good luck to him. The most important thing is to remember that entering the workplace can be hard and having a supportive wife will help *A LOT*.

    I can’t tell him what the right job for him is, I don’t know you or him. But here are some ideas:

    Check out Dan Miller’s book “48 Days to the Work you Love” and Maybe “No More Mondays”. You will want to read them carefully and probably make lots of notes.

    Also remember that the more debt you have the more risk, so minimize both!


    It would depend on if he had any formal education and how open he would be to working in a non jewish environemnt. The more open he would be the more opurunity he can find. Perhaps a placement coach can help figure out the best market for him. He may want to consider a college degree at night. I would also suggest a non online program so that he can interact with other people.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

    am yisrael chai

    “You are probably better off staying on the dole and not having to pay tuitions at this point.”

    While this is understandable, it is also a factor in teachers not being paid & yeshivas having to close.

    much hatzlacha


    Truck driver possibly? Heimish companies would probably love a frum driver they can trust. I hear it’s decent pay and he can listen to torah tapes in the car, and he wouldn’t have to deal with a goyish work environment. I think the licensing is a few thousand dollars but it’s relatively quick and cheaper than going to college.

    Also maybe driving a carpool for people? To and from wherever, school etc? During the summer people may need someone to fetch their children from upstate for a simcha or something?

    You should have lots of hatzlocho and hashgocho pratis


    Try chinuch out of town. Not so over-crowded.


    To all the posters that mentioned getting a CDL you are all so correct. Its a field that will never be overcrowed.I have a CDL, however that not what I do for a living. Its really not allot of $ to get this license. I paid for 7 lessons at $75 each and a driving sschool (I think $75 for a road test, I passed on my 2nd road test.

    Even I’d driving isn’t what you would like to do long term its a great tool that you could always ambulette drivers get paid only $10 an hour (not a job for a frum guy) however my friend has a container co, and his drivers get bet $25 and $30 a house +he pays commission if they bring in work. Best of luck.


    If he has had success with tutoring and enjoys chinuch then you should probably focus on that. Contact ppl in chinuch-rebbeim, principals etc-they may know of students in need of tutoring. Let them know that you are available. Let everyone know. Print business cards. Speak with ppl who were tutored by ur husband and ask if you can use them as references. You can make a very decent and bikovediki parnasah through tutoring and still be doing what he loves. Hatslachah.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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