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    so here is my story: i am a frum bais yaakov girl, ya know. right now i have a job B”H. but i am in no way furthering my education. not because i don’t want to, but the reason is two fold:

    1- i am not sure exactly what I would like to do with my life

    2- i am not motivated to sit in a college for two years taking crazy classes and doing loads of annoying work. i am NOT ACADEMIC. i mean, i’m not stupid- but my brain just works more on the non academic side.

    i am sure i am not the only one in this situation. so as far as jobs, i don’t want to go into any kind of therapy or nursing or psychology or any of that stuff. it does not speak to me in the least.

    i do love being around people, though. i like talking to people and being connected to them. i love kids, i love writing.

    so here is the real question: can you guys be out-of-the-box and think of jobs that do not require too much college (if any at all), i can maybe take a course for (i don’t mind courses), that maybe aren’t the jobs that every other person is doing? you are all smart people. i can’t think of all the jobs out there. can you help? if you need any more info about me personally (ok, not too personal) just ask. i just wanna have a job so that i can support a husband hopefully for a couple of yrs before he starts helping financially. (i am not married yet, just plannin’ for the future IY”H) thanks!


    I hear ya. Would something in a school setting appeal to you? Is there anything you enjoy doing specifically that you may be able to turn into a business?




    so kapusta, without giving too much away- i work in some sort of school setting. and something i enjoy? i love listening to music, and i love shopping:) yeah i know- that’s not always a good thing. but like i said, i love taking care of kids and i love writing. i’m sure there is so much more i can do that i am just not thinking of! i’m kinda creative- not enough that i would go into graphic arts or anything, but when i’m in the mood, i enjoy using the little artistic talent i have. like sometimes instead of buying birthday cards for friends, i’ll make ’em myself- and (if i do say so myself,) they come out really cute and my friends love em! thanks kapusta for trying to help!

    YW Moderator-42

    Write a novel and become a billionaire like JK Rowling, then popa_bar-abba will marry you.


    i don’t wanna marry pba. but thanks for caring enough to suggest it 🙂 uh, no offense to pba, of course- but i can tell from his posts we aint the same type at all!


    Reading my posts, I also think I’m not the same type.

    i love coffe

    So you like to be around people, you are creative… how about a party/wedding planner? (I think you just have to take courses or something)


    What about working in a preschool or playgroup? You need creativity for the projects.

    This kind of work is great for women who want to live in EY while their husband is learning, even for a year or two or also longer. Making a playgroup in the house is very common for English-speaking women.


    pba- glad we agree 🙂

    i love coffee and nechomah- those thoughts actually crossed my mind a couple of times. so nechomah, i would do that- but i do want something a little more long term, i just don’t know if thats what i want to be doing my whole life…

    i love coffee- party planning sounds fun, but i don’t think i’m THAT creative. i mean, i’m not at all throwing the idea out the window, just looking for something a bit different.


    yummy cupcake:

    You seem like a sweet girl, with all the right intentions, midos, & qualities that a sincere BY girl should have.

    That being said, you wrote that you want a job that would require little to no higher education, yet would support a learning boy + family for a few years. I’m sorry, but unless you are REALLY prepared to live the kollel life, I would suggest that you seriously think about what kind of jobs you might be getting…

    I apologize if I came across strongly, I just want you to be aware of the job market prospects you will face if you decide to avoid college.


    “Write a novel and become a billionaire like JK Rowling”

    Yeah write about Hershel Potterovich and his Yeshiva Chazarwarts.

    write or wrong

    What about becoming a seamstress, sheitelmacher, or doing babysitting? The jobs are people oriented, and can be done on your own time, for as long term or as short term as you want. It could even be done while you do something else, should you decide to study something later on. Also, perhaps fundraising for a school/organization where you could use your writing skills


    lol THe Goq is funny!!!


    YC: I am in college now I didnt think in a million yrs that I would be but not 4 your reasons bc I thought I would be learning in yeshiva… I left yeshiva bc learning full time wasn’t working out for me but I looked for months for a job and nothin that I could support a family with really came up. SO I decided to join a college.. Im in Brookdale still frum I learn every night. Im majoring in Paralegal although Im not sure if thats exacly wat i wanna do but i wasnt going to just go to college w/;o any direction… Maybe u should consideer colllege just for one semester thats what i did this past semester and im loving it.. I also didnt wanna be in college forever I just wanted to do it so that I could Get a job and eventually get marrried and support a family. Good luck! but dont totally throw off college not as bad as it sounds and i chose to shooot for paralegal bc it only a yr and a half of colllege


    how about photography?


    lol goq

    lebidik yankel

    Do you want a job with prestige or to make a lot of money? If its parnassah you seek, become a plumber or electrician. The women at home will be thrilled with a female plumber and you will have lots of business. And a plumber easily makes more than a doctor… its incredible what they charge!

    Shticky Guy

    Write a novel and became a billionaire like JK Rowling, then popa_bar-abba will marry you.

    That must be inside information. I never knew that popa and JK Rowling got married


    i feel the same way. I dont have the patience to go back to school.

    I work in an office and i’ve been working here for a long couple of years. I dont feel stimulated and i know that i have alot more to give. i didnt go to college and i am making a nice salary (there is hope!!)

    I come here every day cuz i have to. I dont hate work, but i dont love it either. It bothers me that I dont have to use any of my creativity or talents. My talents shine when i’m with children. But i dont think i’ll ever work in a school cuz the pay is usually not that great and if it is, its probably not on time and then there is no work in the summer.

    I’m married with children already, b”h and although i would love a different kind of job, i have to be practical:

    a) i dont hate my job

    b) i’m making a decent salary

    c) i work all year round

    d) i have a really nice boss

    e) there is no stress to bring home

    f) i enjoy my days off more than others cuz they’re so few and far between…lol!!

    EY Mom

    yummy cupcake:

    I second NOMTW’s assessment – you really sound sweet, nice, fun and sincere!

    As far as ideas – I think Nechomah’s idea of event/party planner might be a good one. You say you are creative, and the courses are geared to helping the students develop their creativity. More and more people are turning to event planners to help take the pressure of them when planning simchahs. This is not necessarily a matter of making things fancy and going overboard, either; even planning and executing a modest simchah takes a lot of time and work.

    If you love writing, you might consider copywriting – again, you don’t need a college degree, just a good set of courses in copywriting and SEO (search engine optimization). This can also be a good option for the future because a) there are both part time and full-time jobs available and b) many times you can work from home. Grant writing might also be worth a try, although for that companies might be looking for some kind of college degree. Grant writing can also be a very high-pressure job because there are serious deadlines involved – I know that for some government grants, for example, there is a month or even less from the times the grants are announced until the writing has to be completed and submitted.

    In general, if you love writing, you have spare time and you’re not afraid of rejection, you can try writing pieces and submitting them. Creative writing courses might also work for you. But I wouldn’t count on this as a real parnassah, because it can take years to develop your style and find a niche for yourself in the publications world.

    One more idea is secretarial work. This sounds boring, but it need not be. Secretaries in schools can have a lot of fun, and believe it or not they can also have a very positive influence on the students. You don’t need a college degree for this, but you do need to have thorough courses in computers – Microsoft Office, usually – writing emails, Internet searches, etc,. and some knowledge in computer graphics is a definite plus even if it’s not a must. And of course, if you work in a school, you get the added plus of having paid vacation for all Yomim Tovim, something that is not a given in either copywriting or grant writing.

    Whatever path you choose, whether it be one of the above or something else you hit upon, may Hashem bless you with much hatzlachah!


    Thank you dh and yitay, cept here the sorting hat only says one thing kollel guy , kollel guy, kollel guy….


    ey mom- what exactly does copywriting entail? so far that sounds like its pretty much up my alley. and i don’t know if this has anything to do with this, but it kind of goes along these lines- i’m IY”H taking a course in the summer to become a certified proofreader.

    thanks everyone for all ur suggestions! keep em coming!

    leibedik yankel- no its not prestige or tons of money that i want. i just want a job that i am motivated to do, that i am good at, that i enjoy. because the way i am, if i don’t enjoy something, i discontinue it. that’s just me, i know myself. no enjoyment, no effort. well, that sounds really bad- its not THAT horrible, but you get my drift?



    EY Mom

    yummy cupcake:

    Copywriting usually involves writing copy for websites, but it can include writing for actual catalogs, too. Other things it might include are writing press releases and sales letters letters. Essentially, it’s promotional writing.

    As anyone who’s ever bought anything via Internet has noticed, any website – be it a bookstore, clothing store, furniture store, someone selling health products, you name it – has a description for each product they sell. Often, aside from the individual descriptions, the products are divided into broader categories, which also need copy. Although online stores need the most copywriting, organizations need copy for their websites as well. Essentially, there are two things copywriting entails: getting people to the website (that’s where SEO – search engine optimization comes in), and once they’re there, convincing them to buy, donate, whatever. It may sound boring on paper, but the truth is that there’s a lot of creativity involved.

    Taking a proofreading course is a good step in the right direction as is a course in editing (they’re not the same thing). A technical writing course is probably a must (full disclosure: I work in copywriting from my home, but when I started they just trained you on the job. Today you probably need some courses before anyone will hire you). Also, since the writing is for the web, you need to know something about SEO – the more you know, the better, so a course in that subject is a major plus.

    I hope that information helps you. If you have any more questions, feel free to post them; I will IYH check to see, and will try to answer you as best I can.

    Again, lots of hatzlachah!

    EY Mom

    Sorry, yummy cupcake, there are two things I forgot.

    I have no idea what your computer background is, but knowing Microsoft Excel can be a plus, although it’s not a must. Some familiarity with HTML is a plus, too.



    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I have the opposite problem – I LOVE school and I love college and I would like to keep taking classes for the next forty years instead of working. The student loans provide a nice income and if I never stop talking classes I never have to pay them back. Hmmm . . .

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