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    I am moving to Israel and need a job. I’ve worked in computers, taught boys and girls, and ran camps. Any ideas?


    man or woman?


    Where in Israel?


    Do you have a work visa? Or are you planning on getting one?

    Are you making Aliyah? Or just moving here temporarily for school/yeshiva/seminary?


    I’m a girl, getting married, moving to Jerusalem. I will not be getting a work visa unless it’s worthwile.

    I was hoping someone in yw knows of some online jobs or how/where to staart looking!


    Most companies in Israel will not hire without a work visa. So you options are going to be somewhat limited.

    Most companies and subs hire only citizens or people with work visas.

    As for finding jobs that are online and do not care where you are physically located, there are a few, but realize you are in competition with workers in India and E. Europe as well which are more inexpensive than people living here.


    Editing/proofreading, medical billing/transcription.


    What have you done in computers? There are definite tech jobs available here. So that is a possibility.


    Just to clarify, do you understand that it’s illegal to work in a country without a work Visa? Unless of course, you are making aliyah. Also, most of the time you would have to get a job & the work visa BEFORE entering Israel.

    That being said, there are still many people that find jobs without a work visa, but they have to make sure that they don’t get caught & they also have to make sure that they leave the country once every 90 days. Otherwise, if you overextend your tourist visa, the country will not allow you to come back.

    Either way, I’ve seen people post fliers around town offering everything from cleaning services, guitar lessons, life-coaching, etc. So maybe you should come up with something unique & flexible like teaching computer classes one-on-one? I’m sure that you can sell the idea of something as simple as teaching typing, if you can show others that it can help them gain a better job.


    There is a job called PARAMEDS (medical records u can check it up online) working from home American hours. Its not the ideal job cuz your working at night chol hamoed bein hazmanim… A number of women living in Israel work for this company.


    Parameds has extremely difficult hours. You have to work erev YT until hadlokas neiros, motzei YT from right after havdala (forget about putting away your Pesach dishes), etc. I think the transcription companies have much more flexible hours and the pay is comparable.


    Wow! Thank you all for your help!

    Parameds sounds interesting, I’ll research it. MII what type of transcription companies? how do I find out about them?


    I have 2 friends who do medical transcription online. One works for a company called Transmed and the other works for DocuMed. They did have to take a course for a few months before starting though.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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