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    So basically, I’m relatively new to the Cr, so could someone please explain what the whole “joseph” story is? I can see that he was using multiple usernames, but what was he actually doing with those names? Insulting everyone? Causing fights? Other?

    Also, on the whole, multiple usernames thing, can’t the mods make it so that once you have signed up with an e-mail address, that same address can’t be use to make additional usernames? Or do people have many e-mail address’s too? See:viyoel moshe, vyoel moshe, vayoel moshe, bp guy etc

    bp yidd

    You can always get the gmail app and make a 100 emails a day

    Shopping613 🌠

    He used to have conversations with himself…

    Wait, he’s still doing it, right here!!! (jk,jk)

    He was basically a good old fasioned troll.

    And drove everyone mad (or the mods just disliked him, jk)


    My phone doesn’t let me start new threads here so I’m asking in a random thread what’s with the negative time stamps yesterday and today?

    Little Froggie

    Members of the CR I have you warned! Look at OPs s/n. Any replies here can and will be used against you…

    ☕️coffee addict

    little froggie,



    it wasnt just that, he also tried getting info from other peoplle about themselves

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Ivory, apparently the negative time stamp is a glitch, and it causes posts to to be out of order, because if a newer post goes up while it’s in negative territory, the system treats the newer post as older than the negative one.

    Patur Aval Assur

    And DaasYochid is the only one who deliberately takes advantage of the glitch.


    Little Froggie: Not sure if you’re serious or not. Also, what is s/n? Surname?


    Also, I am in israel. According to a post (how lamed vov couldnt be joseph) I saw, Joseph is in the states

    Little Froggie

    FYI (sound like FBI), Secret Undercover Agent Yid, (like as if you didn’t know) a S/N is and equals “Screen Name”. Like mine, for instance, deep down I’m a froggie, a little one, so I chose that as my screen name here. You chose “secretagentyid”, obviously that’s your profession.

    I’d go out on a limb (Froggies do that all the time) and say you were hired by the wonderful staff as YW headquarters to analyze, probe, do investigation as to who is the elusive “J”. It’s a case that has stumped even the most seasoned detectives and investigators (secretagentyids and secretagentnonyids) at the top most level of the Federal offices, for many a year.

    So that’s how you came on the scene. Sorry, with all your detective knowledge notwithstanding, this history many have been kept from you, so you shouldn’t know how hard and complex the case is.

    And your modus operandi is (as taught in Elementary detective school, course 3.2), is to pose a question, seemingly innocently indifferent, and analyze the answers. WHEW!!! COVER BLOWN!!


    It has to be a fictional person, because the remarks about them are disparaging, and that would be loshon hora. Plus, I never saw anything posted by any Joseph as nearly annoying as the posts ranting about “Joseph”.

    Little Froggie


    Still on?


    The reason the posts you can see that Joseph posted are not awful may have something to do with the fact that bad posts get deleted. And he’s not a fictional person, but he was a lot of fictional people.


    LittleFroggie–Yup, I’m still here, I assumed you had left this thread. I like your story, although I am trying to ascertain whether or not you honestly believe that. Anyways, thought you might like to know, when i made my account,I couldn’t think or an original s/n( thanks for the nice abbreviation btw), and as I was about to use something totally rehashed, the song “Secret Agent Man” from the Ace Ventura 2 (gasp! A movie)’s soundtrack played on my ipod which was on shuffle. Immediately, the idea dawned upon me, secretagentyid, undercover jew. Thus, my username was born, and that’s all I have to say that. Friends? Still think I am a troll, or a nefarious mod posing as a regular poster? Please, bring me proof. Yes, I am secretagentyid, but if you tickle me, do I not laugh? If you prick me do I not bleed?

    A secretagentyid by any other name would not be as fun.

    Little Froggie

    Does it really matter to you what I believe. I don’t care what you believe I believe. Or you believe I believe you believe…

    And don’t worry, I won’t prick you (or cause discomfort, distress, hurt, pain, ache, anguish, grief by means of communication either), I’m here for the tickle part – as you can see (aren’t you a secret..)


    (I really wish I’d gotten around to posting this just over an hour ago… before you revealed the source of your name.)

    Secret… Agent Yid

    Secret… Agent Yid

    ?? ???? ?? ???? ????? ??? ???




    Hey Rebb!

    When I was here a long time ago, this Joseph issue was in full swing. There were a plethora of posts about him each day, which then should also have been deleted, because his posts were not seen by me when I was here daily.

    : /

    I told that guy, to me, there is no up side to this Joseph thing. Nothing cautionary, nothing informative, nothing normal. But I see it is still a thread after all this time.



    “It has to be a fictional person, because the remarks about them are disparaging, and that would be loshon hora.”

    So? (Are you assuming the mods would not allow lashon hora?)

    In any case, Joseph’s true identity is unknown, so I don’t think

    it can be considered loshon hora to speak badly about him.

    “Plus, I never saw anything posted by any Joseph as nearly annoying as the posts ranting about ‘Joseph’.”

    I don’t know about that. I find extreme-right views pretty annoying (especially if there is reason to suspect that they’re not sincere).


    His full name was actually posted at one point, unless it was made up. It is a strange phenomenon how hate is contagious. I still remember getting long speeches from Avram in MD (and others) because a technical issue caused some mods to link me with Joseph.


    He had some good points to make on occasion,but enjoyed yanking everyone’s chain, especially by changing his name. personally, I always found it fun to guess Who is Joseph NOW? His sometimes abrupt and abrasive argumentativeness bothered some (or even most) people, but I was amused. I personally just don’t care for people who deliberately seek to be insulting and rude, but I thought he was doing it to get a rise out of us.


    Joseph had a multiple personality disorder.



    I know many times we like to post just to post, so I will say I am not assuming anything about the mods, as you creatively suggest.

    Also, I am not an expert on loshon hora, but if you poskin it’s okay for you to engage in lowly, petty, disparaging talk only because you don’t know the real identity of “Joseph”, I would still say the yetzer hora has a bigger grip on you than if you did not give into the temptation to chime in on this ridiculous endeavor.

    Finally, we are not expected to affirm every view in the opinion spectrum. If someone thinks differently, debate it or avoid that thread or person. To bash and bully someone for the reason they are

    “extreme right wing”, is wrong.

    It is said, “Scoffers have no place in the World to Come”. Are you sure Joseph bashing, even though you dont know his true identity, keeps your neshama as clean as if you avoided the situation?

    Avram in MD


    It is a strange phenomenon how hate is contagious. I still remember getting long speeches from Avram in MD (and others) because a technical issue caused some mods to link me with Joseph.

    I did not remember tangling with you in that way, but after some digging, I found a thread from over 3 years ago where I mistakenly assumed that a poster (not your current username) was Joseph, because the moderators linked it with another username that I did think was a Joseph sock puppet (also not your current username). The latter username was blocked.

    My response to what I thought was a Joseph sock puppet was strong, and admittedly lecturing, but certainly wasn’t intended to be hateful CV”S towards Joseph, you, or anyone. I apologize for causing you hurt, and I will be more careful to consider the potential tone of my posts before submitting them.

    I have subsequently largely avoided posting in these types of threads after it became known that the moderators were mis-identifying users as sock puppets. I still feel very strongly that the use of unethical tactics (e.g., sock puppetry, insults, information gathering, stalking and real life threats to posters) to “defend” Torah is very harmful to Torah itself. I have also read some scary, invasive stuff here, but threads like these don’t really address those issues in a helpful way, and have resulted in hurt feelings, e.g., you, AYC, Jothar.

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