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    In The New York Times of Feb. 15 – apparently a Federal judge concluded there is significant evidence of a history of serious “serial” prosecutorial misconduct and is allowing a case to proceed against the Kings County (a.k.a. Brooklyn) District Attorney. Prosecutorial misconduct refers to a prosecutor “cheating” to win convictions of people who would likely have been acquitted in the prosecutor did not engage in such tactics. The matter should be of interest to anyone following the recent case of a Satmar hasid convicted of a sex crime that has raised allegations of improper prosecutorial conduct.


    Can you post some more info, enough that we can google for the case you are talking about?

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    Popa, google jabbar collins charles hynes.


    Actually, it’s more collocated. Hynes has always won election with narrow pluralites,with the margin of victory provided by the solid bloc of Satmar votes. Six months ago there were credible reports that Hynes appeared to have ignored reports of witness intimidation and accepted questionable plea deals to misdemeanors in cases involving Satmar defendants. Along came Weberman and I believe Hynes felt he had to get a conviction to disprove the allegations


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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