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    This subject is too important to leave to “yesterday’s news”, so I hope to rouse more interest in it here:

    I wrote in the talkbacks:

    you are right about some Sephardi families (ie, that the chinuch in the home is different to Ashkenazi chinuch), however as was pointed out, there are still a great many extremely fine Sephardi familes. It means that the “Vaad Ichlus” – acceptance committees – be it in a community or school, are just being downright lazy.

    In the case of my friend, if the Yeshivas had bothered to check they would have heard nothing negative whatsoever about the family, and in fact only positive.

    So tell me – was it correct that your friend had to change her name to Berkowitz? Is it fair that my friend had to change his name to xxxxberman?

    I do not believe that this is what Hashem wants from us – perhaps I’m old fashioned!

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