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    Im not usually in the habbit of starting topics, but i seriously need an answer:

    We all now that on Rosh Hashana u r supposed to fear for ur life, but honestly, out of the hundrets of thousends of jews judged last year how many died? 0.1% max? So how can u honestly tremble?

    Suppose u r standing trial with a 99.9% aquital rate? How pessimistic do u have to be to worry about it ?

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    old question,

    my RY’s answer (and probably many others),

    it’s talking about a right to live (did you live up to what ur supposed to if not then it’s a gift (matnas chinam) and basically you probably would’ve been better off not alive b/c the whole point of life is to earn Olam Habah




    The previous post was a typo.

    You don’t have to worry about the general acquittal rate, you have to worry about your personal acquittal rate. What you seem to be saying is, “I’ve gotten off so far, so I’m betting that this year I’ll also get off easy.” That’s a pretty cavalier attitude.

    Evidently death is the last punishment you are expecting, but what about illness? Unemployment? Financial hardships? Loss of your home, your possessions, your business, your friends, your good name?

    “honestly, out of the hundrets of thousends of jews judged last year how many” suffered from those judgments?

    Everyone is judged on their own merits or lackings and gets a custom sentence. I just wish my fear would push me to change for the better rather than just make me tremble at the thought of punishment.


    yahud –

    Your premise is wrong. On Rosh Hashana the entire world stands in judgement (not just Jews). You are not only praying for your individual needs, but also those of the entire world. When the world is involved in war/peace, famine/abundance, drought/deluge, etc., it effects all of us.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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