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    Judy Brown, author of “Hush” (originally published anonymously as Eishes Chayil), has published an article this week in one of the known Jewish anti-religious publications (Forward) in which she declared herself an atheist, attesting in her not believing in any G-d, saying “I discovered the agony of praying to God when I knew I was talking to myself.”

    Originally the article was sub-titled “Discovering Science and Leaving Orthodox Belief Behind” (since changed.)


    The article is good reading and many a person in Chinuch SHOULD read it.

    SOME OTD’s are caused by incorrect stuff taught in Chinuch, When someone finds out some things are incorrect, they begin to question other things as well


    The quote you mentioned is in no way, shape, of form saying, “I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in G-d”. She appears to be saying what many people who praqctice Judaism by rote feel when their prayers aren’t answered. The statement seems to be merely expressing frustration of seemingly talking to a wall.

    Unless she stated explicitly that she is an atheist, you are causing a kitrug right before Rosh Hashanah. Please clarify if she said it clearly or not. If not, the editors are encouraged to close this thread ASAP.

    Eizena Kup


    No need to publicize those terrible word of heresy.

    PLEASE DELETE. ???? ???! Literally!


    whats the cuddish?

    Did anyone really believe she published the book leshem shomayam?

    may she return, with g-d help.


    That is what happens when you are tought that the sun is not a star.

    There is no room for Sheker in Hashem’s Torah.


    Not that I care whether or not she is an atheist, but those words don’t imply atheism in any way. They simply state that she doesn’t believe God pays attention to her prayers, regardless of whether or not God exists. That might possibly be “kefira” (I am not getting involved in that argument) but it isn’t atheism.


    The original sub-title can still be seen in the google cache. (And it may have the original sub-title in the print edition of the paper, as well.)

    Also, she writes that she came to her atheistic beliefs already years ago. Meaning when she wrote her book pretending she was frum criticizing the frum community from within, in reality she was irreligious criticizing the Torah community.


    Where did she “declare herself an atheist”? I think that she was just saying how difficult can be sometimes to pray, especially when in a tough situation.


    Uh oh…

    Elul anybody??

    Why are we discussing somebody, who, at best, is “oif tzuris”??

    Trying to determine if there are any other atheists here, C”V??

    Personally, I’d find it more productive to discuss Pesach cleaning in Elul, than to try and figure out the unfortunate spiritual problems of a fellow Yid.

    Oh! I see somebody else already had that idea!

    Kosher Ham

    I would like to refer you to Harry Maryles’ Emes Ve-Emunah (HaEmtza blogspot), here in Chicago, where he discusses this in detail, with comments from its readers. (09/06/12 posting)

    To sum up his point, he faults her educational system, BY, for being so chareidi as to not be open enough for other frum peoples ideas, like Rabbi Slifkin’s. A comment by Shalom on the blog posting about her sadly bemoaned that “The story almost always seems to read the same: naive, poorly educated Jew abandons her community after reading a little bit of atheistic rhetoric.”.

    If we don’t educate our youth about the sciences properly with Torah perspectives from ALL frum sources, we potentially create a person whose faith can be lost by just going up on the internet and reading a bit of atheistic rhetoric.

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