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    When summoned for jury duty on erev Shabbos, and one is in the waiting room waiting and waiting…. what is an appropriate time for one to approach the people in charge and say that one needs to leave? 1.5 hours before Shabbos?

    As one does not want to appear like one is just trying to get out, but at the same time desires to leave as early as possible due to it being erev Shabbos.


    Simply tell them you need to leave 2.5 hours prior to sunset due to your religious practice and belief of the Sabbath.


    The appropriate time to let the person in charge know is when you check in in the morning. Then your name can be moved to the first panels sent to courtrooms to be interviewed. Don’t wait until midafternoon, because if they still have juries to fill they won’t necessarily let you leave early.

    Here, in CT state courts don’t call prospective jurors to report on Fridays. If you get a notice to report erev yuntif, you simply go on the judicial website and pick another date within 10 months for jury duty.


    If you can, I would do it in writing so it’s recorded.

    If possible, email them the night or week before, and/or hand the person a letter that morning to make it clear that you must leave at a certain time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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