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    I just wanted to mention a few different things that I feel the Jewish community can improve on as a whole.

    You probably heard this before but we still need to hear it until it’s internalized. We need to try to focus on trying to improve our middos.

    For example, business and other things in our life etc. If we want to be who we should be, then we deffinately need to make more of an effort with this. Some people are sadly turned off, when they see people saying one thing and doing another thing. Let’s turn it around and be a good example of Torah Jews – There are many good role models that we can use as a guide BH

    Another thing that we could improve is making a more positive respectful environment. Some don’t feel joy and meaning when the environment doesn’t feel warm to them. Lets show each other how much ahavas Yisrael we have and express our respect to friends, visitors, students, family etc.

    And last, besides practicing what we need to do, we should also remember the point of Torah and mitzvos which is to build a relationship with Hashem. And so besides focusing on practicing, we should also work on strengthening emunah, especially these days when the world has become so hectic. Emunah is our lifesaver that has and will help us through IY’H

    Thanks for reading

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