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    I just purchased a home, am I supposed to give my lawyer or mortgage broker a “tip”


    Mazal Tov , i don’t know

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I don’t think so. Tips are usually for low wage earners.

    Mazel tov!


    No, they will get their fare share in their bill and their commission respectively.


    Didn’t you pay them enough? I’ve never heard of tipping them in addition to their regular fees.


    Not the lawyer or broker. However the mortgage closer, if there was one usually gets a tip.


    Mazel tov and no way


    Perhaps you did not yet receive the lawyer’s bill if you are ready to tip him. Even if you did and you want to give him something for Hakoras Hatov, i would wait. In dealing with such as buying homes, wait as things come up. If you bought a condo and you may have a leak(which will show up later such as after a rain) you may need the lawyer to intervene as the builder may ignore your calls. In our dealings we never tipped, the price was very well paid. Let me ask you, how often do you get tipped? Don’t get me wrong, any delivery person gets tipped when he drops something at our home. Even if we are not home, i will double tip next time i see the same delivery person.



    Your lawyer will give you a bill as will the broker. The title closer gets a ‘gratuity’ which is factored in to closing costs. Some people give a little extra to their lawyer if they were very happy with their work, but it is definitely not expected or common place.


    I paid my lawyer and title closer(at the closing) just wondering what protocal was as I drove my mortgage broker nuts, but I guess u all answered my question.


    Mazel Tov.


    If you are feeling grateful you can buy him/her a bottle of wine or a small gift, I’m sure they will appreciate it and there is no protocol when it comes to hakoras hatov.


    You bought a house and have enough left for a tip? Mazel tov.

    To Sacrilege: the “tip” to the title closer – always paid in cash – is not disclosed in or figured into any of the closing cost estimates. It is a sleazy practice that the legal profession and title insurance industry have maintained for at least half a century.

    The only people I know who have offered tips to their lawyers were well-meaning but very dishonest people.


    A good attorney advises his client on all eventualities. If the client is going to have to pay the Title Closer $150-$350 (depending on the Closer) at the closing its the attorneys responsibility to make his clients aware, your personal political views on the matter notwithstanding.

    That is gross sweeping accusation which in my personal experience I find to be not true.

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