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    hiiii everyone,

    soo i rlly want my sister to get engaged so does anyone know a good kabala (howevr u spell it!!) that i cud bli neder take on myself? also im a lil confused… how many basherts does s/o have? lets say ur bashert gets married??



    Say Tehilim a lot. Try to finish it as often as possible.


    Don’t worry about finding your bashert. Just try to find someone who is compatible with you.



    its not for me, its for my sister…

    and of course u x just marry a/o it has to be ur bashert..

    but lets say someone says no to their bashert??


    I understand that it’s for your sister. I meant the same proverbial ‘you’ that you mentioned, “lets say ur bashert gets married.” I didn’t assume you meant my bashert got married, but any person’s. Anyway, my point was that it’s not your cheshbon to try to figure out who your bashert is; you should just do your hishtadlus and daven, and trust that Hashem will make it be your bashert. Marrying your bashert doesn’t mean that you will never argue or fight over things, and it’s not a guarantee of living happily ever after.


    In the local weekly advertiser in london, there is often signs saying “I said Perek Shira for 40 days and merited a Yeshua…”/”I kept Shmiras Haloshon for 40 days and…”

    I saw a sign once saying “I davened and merited a yeshua.”

    Something we often forget.

    (Not ?”? making fun of the Perek Shira/Shmiras Haloshon segulos – both of those are tried and tested!)


    “you can’t just marry anyone, it has to be your bashert”.

    How can you ever know if you’ve chosen your bashert?

    Had Leah imeinu chosen hers, she would have wound up married to eisav!

    Maybe it’s better to look for someone she would admire and share similar values with, rather than an elusive idea of a zivug chosen min hashamayim.

    I once heard that it’s a good segula for shidduchim to say az yashir with extra kavana.

    I think there are also five specific tehillim recommended to be said for forty days. I don’t recall which ones, though. Maybe someone else does.


    I heard my LOR tell a bochur to say the segulah fpr finding lost object and he will find his shidduch (“Omar Rabi Binyomin hakol sumin etc.”) because chazal tells us that the man seeks his “lost object” – his missing rib. I thought it was hysterical till a few weeks later this bochur was engaged!


    I remember some of them…(the tehillim for a shidduch)

    32, 38, 70, 71…

    The last one, I’m not sure of. Maybe 124?


    Tehillim? Always a good idea. How about davening for someone ELSE’S sister to get married? We believe that when one davens on behalf of someone else, and is in need of the very same thing, Hashem gives the davener what he or she needs first.


    purplicious — Tehillim always helps in any situation and heartelt prayer is never turned away. What I sometimes suggest is to sometimes get involved in Chessed projects (volunteering at shul, hospitals, nursing homes, etc…). I got engaged and married while I was the Gabbai of a major minyan in my hometown. Hatzlacha!



    If you truly want your Tefillos answered you have to cry (real tears) and beg Hashem.


    Say Shir Hashirim while baking challah at the kosel and while 40 women are simultaneously wearing a magic ring and doing shiluach hakein at kever R’ Yonoson Ben Uziel.


    I once heard if you say the whole sefer tehilim without speaking it’s a big zechus for many things. Also starting shabbos ten minutes earlier and davening during those ten minutes. As well recently i heard davening maariv is a zechus for a shidduch.


    ?’ ????

    HaShem deals with a person, as s/he deals with his/her fellow man. Bein adam l’chaveiro, to really put yourself in another’s position and give a shoulder, that really helps. Shmiras Halashon (in the same vein) was also found to be a real segulah.


    hi everone thanx for all ur answers and theyr all good ones BUT…

    a few things-

    first of all im definatly davening really hard and its rlly helping but then it x end up working out.. and oomis me and my frend both had siss that needed shidduchs and i davened for her sis and she davened for mine and i heard if u do this U get answered first but her sis just got engaged and mine x…!!

    also i heard if u say the whole perek shira for 40 days straight its a segula for a shidduch and i wana know excatly how the works.. i sed the whole thing (in english tho!) for two days straight alredy!!

    YW Moderator-42

    Maybe she’s not engaged yet because she hasn’t been set up with WIY. Is she a learner/earner? 🙂

    Also, dus ur sis no how to spel???? U certanly x!!!!


    lol @ Veltz Meshugener

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