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    Does anyone know where to get information about the segula of saying kapitel yud gimmel 13 times on the 13th of the month. This is a segula for shidduchim.

    Shopping613 馃尃

    The best segula is to do try and be the best oved Hashem you can be.
    I have heard of it though. Don’t know it”s source nor do I really care.


    Try wearing a red riibbon on our big toe on rosh chodesh. I’ve heard/read dozens of such “segulas” offered for various outcomes ranging from the obvious to absurd. If you watch TV at 2AM you will switch channels offering vegematics, ginzu knives and televangelists offering magical oil and amulets from the “Holy Land” . We have advertisements for mekubals arriving each week from EY whose offer “guaranteed results” for shidduchimn, cures for all sorts of ailments, etc. Obviously anyone can believe what they want on these matters but my Rav told me a long-time ago there is nothing more effective than direct teffilah from the heart to the Ebeshter. He doesn’t need/want intermediaries or mystical accessories…just your teffilos with kavanah.


    As I tell my children when mentioning these segulos……….On Simchas Torah in the Piyut Mipi Keil we say “Ein Segulah Katorah”.


    GH: We allude to your main point in the haftorah of the first day of Rosh Hashana….the story of Chana, the mother of Shmuel Hanavi. (Shmuel 1 1:10 and 1:19)

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    GH – are you not aware that saying Kapittel 13 thirteen times does in fact fit into the category of Tefillah? You said it yourself – “there is nothing more effective than direct teffilah from the heart to the Ebeshter. He doesn鈥檛 need/want intermediaries or mystical accessories”. In other words, saying Tehillim is a good ‘Segullah’.

    There are numerous sources (that all agree to) that there are specific Perakim of Tehillim that are more appropriate for certain times of need. Doesn’t everyone say Perek 16 and/or 91 at a Levaye?

    I don’t know the source of this one and never heard of it, but unlike other crazy segulos, this one probably won’t do harm and is muttar.

    Reb Eliezer

    In sefer Taamei Haminhogim at the end you find inyonei segulas before ayin hora from the Igra Depirke 63 to say kapitel 121 before stepping out of shamonei asrei helps to find the besherte.


    yitzyk: Kapitel Tes Vav – No. Kapitel Tzaddi Alef – yes.

    Reb Eliezer

    It says in kapitel 121 诪讗讬谉 讬讘讗 注讝专讬 like 讗注砖讛 诇讜 注讝专 讻谞讙讚讜.


    another good segula for shiduchim is to be in touch with good shadchanim and have bitochon in Hashem who sets up the shiduchim.
    MAZAL TOV in advance lol


    yid18 – in the back of the M’tok M’dvash on the Zohar it says there is a segula from the author to say perek 13, 13 times a day for 13 days in a row and every day after you finish the set of 13 to daven for whatever you want.


    Gadolhadorah, how did you come up with that name and not be full of yourself ? That is the most gaavadik name I have seen here on yeshiva world

    Can you please clarify your greatness?

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