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    Doing my best

    Anyone knows how to completely break the internet and bluetooth on a windows laptop for free?
    Asking for a yeshivah that wants to have computer classes.


    You can probably physically remove the network card. For some laptops it might not be so simple.


    You can remove the wifi chip in the back. But for a yeshiva you should take it in to a place to do it for you? Why would a yeshiva that wants to have computer classes take the chance of not doing a full job? Even if costs money.


    Submerge it deep into a sink


    Remove the WiFi and bluetooth cards and Ethernet port. Any form of filter or digital block can be broken.


    Put it in the oven on the self clean cycle, or grill it on high for an hour with the grill lid closed.


    First, they should only toivel the laptops during off-peak hours, especially in the peak season of the yamim noraim when the Mikvahs are in high demand. Second, once they remove any internet connectivity, HOW will these rocket scientists install updates to their operating systems, etc. since they are available only for downloads? Without internet connectivty, a PC is really not much more than an electronic typewriter and calculator. What would they teach???


    Also, there were media reports several years ago that Hillary Clinton had been able to “bleach” her computers but that was fake news. The reality was that she was “kashering” her computer where her internet mashgichim used a software application called “Bleachbit” which is one of several available Apps to permanently delete items stored on the server such as the 30,000 emails dealing with her yoga classes and daughter’s chassanah. This type of kashering software for a hard drive has nothing to do with the network card providing internet connectivity which I believe is the concern of OP.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh GH, you made my day


    Dear Gadol,

    They would teach QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, etc.

    Doing my best

    Great, so to sum it up.
    to take off internet is the network card
    no one knows about bluetooth
    And not everyone knows what the yeshiva plans on teaching (word and excel) or that you can probably reinsert this network card.


    Very bad idea. You will void the warranty and you will not be able to download software fixes, some of which are essential. Basically, all computers need to have internet connections if they are going to work properly.

    The right way is to restrict access by users. That can be done in Windows 10. (I don’t know about other Operating Systems.)


    What is the concern over BlueTooth?

    “you will not be able to download software fixes, some of which are essential.”

    Just how “essential” are any software fixes for a system that never connects to the Internet?


    School IT person should have an admin account and students should have a local account. Admin account should NOT have “613” for the password.

    Administrator should be able to disable wifi. See link 1. I think bluetooth access may depend on a computer model and is often switched on using an external button. See link 2 that describes how to switch it on. Use in reverse.

    If you have already disabled Wifi, you might not be able to see the links or even read this, of course…

    links removed, sorry


    Even so called “safe” Apps which young men and women might need for job training need to be updated to address bugs and security patches. Perhaps they could disable internet and allow the Admin to download updates then transfer those downloads to the “brick computers” through and external thumb drive.


    What’s wrong with chisels and stone? Yana daba doo!


    Well it might make sense to use abacuses to teach math. Chisels and stone are hard to use for calculations.

    Amil Zola

    Quickbooks, and MS office can all be learned through tutorials, why the need for ‘classes? Yes, if you want high levels of proficiency it may take more than self directed training perhaps a skilled mentor. But these are not high level programs, it may be a good idea for these students to proceed with some discovery learning. Of course, not having access to the internet makes it difficult for a serious student to proceed with problem solving questions.


    Best way to kasher a laptop is to put it in the mikveh. Haven’t cooked one though maybe google has good recipes.


    Even so called “safe” Apps which young men and women might need for job training need to be updated to address bugs and security patches.

    Security against what? The hamsters running the wheel inside the computer?

    Quickbooks, and MS office can all be learned through tutorials, why the need for ‘classes?

    You can say the same about almost everything taught in high school.


    Can I chime in as a guy who knows a thing or two about computers?

    As usual, everyone here besides @charliehall is either a leitzon or wrong. On 95% of modern laptops you can’t just remove a piece of it. The bluetooth, Wifi, and networking cards are usually either part of the motherboard or so ingrained with the electronics they can’t be tampered with without breaking something else.

    Before you go about spending hundreds of dollars on something then breaking it, I would ask what you need a laptop for. There’s a good chance that whatever it is you are doing either requires the Internet at some point, or there’s an alternative.

    I would suggest getting a computer with spyware installed through Guard Your Eyes or similar organization (BIG NOTE: They can see everything you do, including passwords. So don’t open an email account or bank online).

    If that’s not an option, you need to find a tech-savvy friend that can to techiyas hameisim and install Ubuntu on a 12+ year old laptop with removable networking and no WiFi.


    Suggestion: Delete the drivers for the relevant hardware.
    (If reversibility is desired, note their location, back them up on something, and
    give it to someone who wouldn’t know what to do with them to hold on to.)

    (Sure, it’s possible to get new drivers off the Internet or another laptop
    with the same hardware, but you’d first need to know that was the issue
    and then also have access to one of those sources.)

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