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    Does anybody have any advice for keeping tzitzit tucked in during the summer months when one is typically wearing a t-shirt rather than, say, a shirt and suit?

    And just to preempt the ‘tzitzit should be left out’ line, I’m Sephardic and this is our minhag (the mekorot are well known).

    Specifically, either a corner of the beged and/or the tzitziot themselves pop out from under the tshirt sometimes, particularly when doing physical activity like lifting, moving, etc.

    I know the question might seem somewhat strange, but I’m sure others have faced this problem and found a solution.

    Kol tuv.


    If you wear a big enough pair of tzitzis it probably wont pop out. Also maybe pull your belt tighter?

    Israeli Chareidi

    try a longer pair for those ‘dressing down’ days


    Thanks guys.

    Actually, I had a larger pair, a string on which snapped recently.

    This probably explains why I’ve only noticed the annoying ‘pop-outs’ this summer — because I’ve switched back to a medium pair which I hadn’t worn in years.

    So I think I’ll just buy a new large pair, or maybe even XL just for t-shirt wearing.

    It might be a bit baggy but it will be worth it not to have to re-tuck every five minutes.


    It’s so annoying when wearing a shirt that you DON’T tuck in. The tzitzit corners bundle in the lovehandle area and make you look fat, or it pops up around the collar of the shirt and starts riding up your neck. There’s gotta be a way to wear these things without looking weird. The worst is when someone wears shorts and the tzitziot dangle from their pantlegs by the knees. That’s just yehareg v’al yaavor.


    Haha, Curiosity!

    I spend a substantial amount of my time working in areas where (besides for being Sephardic) it wouldn’t be safe to wear tzitzit exposed (or a kippah, for that matter), so I can identify with pretty much everything you’ve said.

    I think in terms of irritation, the pecking order would go something like:

    i) One group of tzitziot coming un-tucked (which looks ‘stranger’ than having them all out!).

    ii) Just one STRING from a bundle sneaking out.

    ii) A corner or corners of the beged poking out (looks especially bizarre when contrasted with a dark shirt).

    iii) The riding up the neckline problem you mentioned.


    Same thing drives me crazy too. Don’t have any solution…

    I also wear my tzitzis inside since I have 3 cats in the house – they think tzitzis are a lot of fun. My tzitzis, and my pants and legs, disagree.


    Right, well good to know I’m not the only one that’s been finding this a nuisance (I guess given that many non-Hasidim ‘tuck in’ that’s hardly surprising).

    If anyone can think of a better solution to simply buying larger tzitzit (which will probably work, but adding more material doesn’t seem like an ideal fix) please shout out.



    Just remembered this thread from the summer.

    Have since gone all the way up to XXL male adult tzitzit (and I’m a normal size guy by the way; by no means fat/overweight) and they’re STILL coming out!

    So seemingly size doesn’t help.

    Anyone got any solutions? Somehow, this is still a nuisance.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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