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    Pro schnapps

    Is it normal that my 6 year old son came home from school and tells me that he must get a cell phone?!?!?!?!? am i missing something here? he says his whole class has one!! and this is a chassidishe school mind you!!!!! He is 6 years old for gosh sakes!!!! is this really a thing? is he pulling my leg? and how do i navigate this???

    meir G

    how many drinks have you had ? your 6 yr old may want one to play games as he sees adults glued to it. kindly explain to him that when he gets big and has a job to do then he will get one and use it properly , and bh his classmates do not have phones even if some told him so … 6 yr old’s should drive bikes , play w balls & lego tatty sit down and play w him


    the word “NO” is still in the parent dictionary. you dont have to give your 6 year old an explanation.

    pro geshmake yidden

    This brings to mind the heartrending song called a yiddishe mama nananananana

    catch yourself

    I find it hard to believe this story.
    My son in Seventh Grade in an out of town school has a good number of classmates who do not have a phone/iPod/iPad/etc.


    A few points about 6 year olds.

    If they see one kid has something then in their head, it can be the whole class.

    Your kid doesn’t need a phone until the school says he needs one.

    If my kid were going home on the school bus, I would give my kid a phone even though shes only 6. I would even give my 3 year old a phone if he was going home on the school bus. But that’s just because I’m neurotic and not something you should do if you dont want to.


    Funny that you can you use being “neurotic” as an excuse for anything these days…..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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