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    is that acceptable in the frum community….not goldberg-stein but keeping your full fledged maiden name? thoughts…comments?!?


    i have classmates in college who got married in the middle of the year/middle of the program and they keep their maiden name for simplicity’s sake. my cousin also did it so her records don’t get lost between schools.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I did it.


    I don’t know whether or not it is accepted, but my wife did. Not legally – she changed it to my last name when we got our marriage license – but of r all practical purposes she uses her maiden name – for work, school, existing official documents like driver’s license and passport that has not come up for renewal.




    When Eeees and I got married, it didn’t matter to me if she kept her name or took mine. She ended up taking mine, but it was her choice.

    The Wolf

    minyan gal

    Woman who already known in their professional lives prior to marriage, often keep their maiden names.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    is that acceptable in the frum community…?

    That’s a broad spectrum. The answer is that it’s acceptable to some and an oddity to others.


    Rav Ovadia Yosef and many others are strongly opposed to keeping the maiden name, as an influence of the feminist movement.


    A friend of mine told me I’m not ready to get married because I don’t want to change my name. As I explained to her, if C”V I died today, my headstone would say haifagirl bas haifagirl’s father, and if I got married today and C”V died tomorrow, my headstone would say haifagirl bas haifagirl’s father. If Hashem doesn’t need me to change my name, why do you?


    “I did it.”

    Well at least half the people I know kept their origional names…


    A friend of mine told me I’m not ready to get married because I don’t want to change my name.

    Back in August 2008, I blogged about how wrong that argument is.

    The Wolf


    “as an influence of the feminist movement”

    If you’re doing it for this reason, it’s probably Ossur because of OOvchookusayem Lo Selachoo and because of Poiretz Geder!


    I still have the same name from before I got married.

    minyan gal

    “I still have the same name from before I got married”

    Of course, you could always marry someone with same last name as you. My girlfriend’s maiden name was Levy and she married someone with the surname Levy. So…………… COULD call her a feminist…..or not.

    OTOH, when I got divorced someone asked me if I was going to revert to my maiden name and I said no. I had been married almost 40 years, so had been using my married name for almost 2/3 of my life. I also still call myself Mrs. instead of Ms. for the same reason. I think the only one that may have a problem with it is his NEW wife(although she uses her maiden name). Thinking about what I have just written, perhaps the whole world is meshugah. One thing for sure, almost anything goes these days.


    Derech Hamelech-did you mean that b/c you are a male? 🙂


    Good idea for families without sons!!!!

    golden mom

    I kept mine on my license bank accounts… but people call me Mrs….. Its great for crediT plus many other reasons I did get some nasty comments form his side relatives when they saw name on mail box…its not done…. my husband was fine with it many years down the line it worked out so good sometimes he is so thankful I did it

    The only problem I have lately I would say probably since 911 is that when I have a baby the call it by my last name which is weried (not legally) and I write what I want on birth certificate


    I think it is easier for some female professionals to retain the name under which they were licensed if they were not married at the time. What I find odd is the woman who refuses to take her husband’s name because she feels it is oppressive to take the name of a male, when in fact her maiden name is her FATHER’S name (and if she went by her mother’s maiden name, that would be her maternal GRANDfather’s name). We just can’t win. I personally was very proud and happy to take my husband’s last name.


    Jewish women never used to change their names upon marriage; the custom is an example of the acceptance of a goyish minhag.


    moishy: yes, why? Is it weird that I’m a male and still kept my last name from before I was married?

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