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    Hi i’m imyH going to keser chaya this year!! can anyone tell me about it?? I do know quite abit!


    hey!!! I’m going too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so let me know specific questions and ill answer them.


    You would like more information…regarding the seminary that you already thoroughly researched…and have already committed to attending?

    Am I missing something here?


    kesser chaya is such a nice place with such sweet girls i went to see it for my self! love party- ur gonna love it lol


    hello I didn’t get in but I might r u guys good kids I really wanna go



    Where does lol come into that statement?

    On an unrelated note, the principal, Mrs. Soloff, is a sweetie. If any of you end up in KC, be sure to have a really close relationship with her. You’ll appreciate it later on in life.


    Shopping613 🌠

    I’ve heard about it, and trust me, I usually am totally not interested in Seminaries…

    It’s supposed to be amazing! Enjoy!


    its a really amazing place ur so lucky all the girls are really happy this year they have gr8 tecs and im sure u will love it


    wahoooooo go keser chaya!!Ive heard only good about it…@need seminary help: where u from???


    and btw anyone going to binas over here??


    36 of course im a good girl

    loveparty: not where you are from…… where are you from?


    need seminary help: England…


    where r u from need sem help


    cant say coz if i say then it will be sooo obvious to the people reading this who i am and i really dont want my classmates to know who i am when i am posting. sooooooo when i get to keser chaya I”H…. ill ask around for love party ok? im sorry…..


    One of my friends from camp is going and she sounds really excited about it… enjoy, all of you! (And make friends with her, she’s amazing :). )


    need seminary help-it will be quite obvious who I am 🙂 does anyone know what date keser chaya starts?


    you have to be there by the 10th of Sep to just be there. actual classes start on the 14th.


    Can anyone tell me about the girls who go to Keser Chaya? Are they strong girls hashkafically? Do they have hashkafa discussions in school? Is the faculty warm and approachable? Do they approach a girl who looks like she needs it? Any and all info will be greatly appreciated.


    the only people who can answer you that are the people who are currently in keser chaya and they dont have internet access…… i think…….


    hashkafic discusssion definatly. ive been around the girls alot. the staff is very warm and approachable. the the point of the sem



    i know sooo much about keser chaya!!! the timetable, uniform, location, teachers, food, phone policy, etc, i just wanted to know –

    1. how many girls there are (around)

    2. are the girls culturally diverse?

    3. are there ANY chassidish girls?

    THANX!!! and im happy to be of help to anyone…


    ik theres about 70ish girls…. whats the dress code? and is there a lot of free time? I heard from a girl there now that our year is gonna be a more academic year!!


    dress code is a pleated skirt with a button down shirt. most girls wear long skirts but you can wear short. i think its a very american thing to wear long. girls wear jumpers on top of their shirts.

    I’m solo excited!!! i need to go buy shirts!!


    hey u said jumpers… where u from?? is it any colour jumper? i’m wearing long!! I know me too!! are u on the sem spread sheet?


    no i never got hold of this sem sheet. i saw photos and they are all in multiple colour shirts with lots of different colour JUMPERS/SWEATERS looked rlly cute and fun!


    Hi, so i know alot about kc this year, and can answer ANY questions…i might take a while to reply tho.


    are you going?


    musictomyears. you really do take a while to answer such a simple question.


    Its an AMAZING school. Do you know if they would accept people with GED a that are younger than the rest of the girls?


    what age are you talking?

    Shopping613 🌠

    I know someone who teaches there, So I told her I know some girls going next year, So she asked me who they are..

    I said I don’t know their names….


    haha. you dont know my name and im going there!!!!!

    which teacher?

    Shopping613 🌠

    I don’t know, my friend mentioned to me her mother teaches trhere last week, so I said

    “Really, I know girls going”

    She was confused as to why I didn’t know your names…


    haha good one!!!!!!!


    semhelp: im rlly sorry! i wasn’t exaggerating!

    so i know someone there now VERY personaly…;)

    u can ask me any questions…REALLY!


    i can also answer questions. as you see by my title i dont need help!! 🙂


    @musictomyears! what are the shabbosos like? how many in shabbosos are there and what are we menna do for the other ones?? what time is curfew?


    loveparty you have noone to go to on an off SHABBOS?

    anyways teachers often host the girls and lots of families in israel offer their houses for seminary girls.


    no no course I do!! just wondering is there any shabbatons etc…


    yes my friend in keser chaya said that they had a shabbaton near netanya where they visited the laniardo and had a kumzits by the beach on motzei SHABBOS. she wrote that at the begining of the seminary year.


    and all the other tiyulim that she has emailed to me sound absolutely incredible!!! im so excited. i cant wait 😀 !!!!


    Attn girls going into Keser Chaya- my daughter is there now and it is nothing like how it was advertised it’s first yr. The heads are trying to make it frumer than BJJ! It is very strict and much more scholastic than we thought. So be prepared!


    ok. my friend is also there. i heard it is getting harder. this tends to happen with seminaries over time. they start off easy and eventually build up on academics. however she said it is quite basic. there is a parshah test that invloves 10 questions a week. she read through the parshah in english twice and got 8/10. soo0ooo pretty basic. she also said that there is HW but not enough that you cant go out and have fun.


    The heads are extremely “yeshivish”. When making the school sweatshirt NO words/pictures were allowed on the back (as opposed to schools in the U.S. that may allow) and they watch you like a hawk. Don’t expect to go out and “have fun” even when the work may seem basic to you.


    ok. its fine. thats where im going so im just gonna have a blast even if its a bit more to the right or the left….


    I much prefer it that way than if the heads just let u do what u like…


    yes love party- i agree. we are gonna have a BLAST!!!!




    guyz im in keser chaya this year and this convo just made it onto our group chat!!! but yes kc is the best and u have awesome staff and principals and I am so j of u!! u guyz r awesome!! the sem is not trying2b like bjj but the scool will do things but dw they are awesome!!!


    is anyone still reading this thread who went to Keser Chaya? I have a very specific question

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