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    i will be going to Keser Chaya this coming year and wonder if anyone knows of anyone else going as i am going alone without any friends??


    Does anyone have any contact info for the seminary, or know anything about it. In particular I am interested in knowing what type of girls are going there, and where they will be located.


    i want to go to a seminary that is much more hashkaffa based rather than academic. I dont want the girls to be yeshivish or happy. I want to grow but i dont want to go to a place that is too inspiring coz that goes in one ear and out the other. Im leaning towards pninim but i think i wanna go one level higher. (spiritually, not academically). I am very smart but I have a problem translating hebrew. I listen to secular music and watch secular movies. I go to a beis yaakov school but i’m not a bais yaakov girl at all. Rabbi meisels sounds amazing so keser chaya is looking good. Binas looks too academic. I dont know anyone who went to keser chaya or is going.I want to have fun in israel but i dont want to waste a year there with no learning. I want to go on plenty of tiyulim, I dont want there to be much hw. Please help me!!!!


    mods please close these sem threads. everyday it’s another one. you can’t take these seminary reviews from people you don’t know seriously


    I am going to keser chaya this year. I do not reccomend it for you. It is a VERY Hashkafa based sem. But it seems that there are ALOT of lakewood girls going. they are not the most yeshivish lakewood girls and are definitly more open minded, but i dont think (from what you wrote) that you would enjoy. it is a very optimistic, lively place…


    can you specify why you dont think i should go? What other seminaries do you suggest? Thanx


    i meant not too jappy not happy. I would love to go to an optimistic and lively place.


    I don’t know anything more about you than what you wrote…are you from in-town or out-of-town? Do yo WANT to grow?

    (ie-give up secular music, movies etc..)

    I actually think peninim would be a good place for you…or even Machon Raaya…

    btw, there is a seminary 2013 google spreadsheet going around which someone would be able to email you. it has lists of all the seminarys and who’s going. there are question/answers about sem, packing lists etc… Its really cool! It just cant fall into the “wrong” hands if you know what i mean…so you got to get it from someone. your also able to chat with people viewing the spreadsheet at the same time as you, so you can meet people and ask your questions that way…


    I would be happy to give up secular movies and music. I want to grow . Can you give me some info on mchon Raaya? Also how could I get the spreadsheet. Should I type in seminary 2013 google spreadsheet? I rlly appreciate you replying. Thx


    Machon Raaya is a place for open minded girls who come from non- yeshivish homes. Its pretty academic though…

    the Spreadsheet can only be emailed directly to you. ask your grade about it, chances are someone will have it to email to you!

    im just curious, arent you a little late to decide which sem you want to go to? Sems are still accepting people?


    Ahem ahem

    need seminary help, I am here to offer my unassistance. *bow*


    no. im just really early. My year is going to get really busy later on so I need to do my prep now so I can apply later.

    Let me just clarify myself when I say when I say not a yeshivish home. I think youre getting the wrong idea. My father wears a black hat and goes to shul three times a day. We only eat Chalav Yisrael. etc. But on the other hand I’m allowed to watch PG and a few M rated movies and I am allowed to listen to secular music. I wear denim skirts but I dont have to wear 4 inches or 10 cm below the knee. Where I come from, that’s very modern. We dont keep a strict hechsher. I have full internet access. Do you know what I mean?

    Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it.


    Pninim or Lev Bais Yaakov sound like a possible match. Are you going this year (2013-2014) or next year (2014-2015)?


    im going in august 2014 i”h. Can you give me some info on lev bais yaakov? ive never heard of it


    Lev BY is also known as Levavi. This coming year would be it’s first year so I don’t really know what the girls are like. The few people I know who applied also applied to Darchi Binah or Pninim (but probably more on the frummer side compared to people going to DB or pninim.) The sem is same teachers as afikeh torah (afikeh is closing down at the end of this year. They also have some program with Rabbi Mechanic. When the Rabbi of the seminary came to speak to us he made it clear that he doesn’t want girls who hangout with guys.

    I also think Ateres might be a good seminary for you. It’s a mix of girls (meaning how yeshivish)very out of towny. A lot of the girls listen to non jewish music and watch movies and some don’t. Also Ateres has 3 tracks (or maybe more) so doesn’t matter what your academic abilty is.


    lev bais yaakov is for girls who are strong in the hashkafa of by, its mainly a seminary for strengtheing onself,its goals is to make the goals want to learn themselves to get a sefer and better themselves on their own time, the other half is preparing for the rest of their lves it will have programs by rabbi mechanic, and the woman who started gemachs in israel adn other things, it will be a small school no more then fifty and they want out of towners, its not ment to be a new york/new jersey sem


    thanks for all your posts. Lev bais yaakov sounds too modern for me. I want to go to a place to grow not to remain on the same level that im on now. can u give me some info on ateres and keser chaya?

    1. Can u go to ben yehuda?

    2. What is the curfew?

    3. Dorms?

    4. How many meals are there?

    5. How many girls in the seminary?

    6. Where it’s located?

    7. The principals or head mistresses?

    Thank you


    I get the vibes that ateres really dont encourage secular music etc. Apparently they confiscate cds of secular music, thats what i heard from a friend. so not sure if its too strict for you.

    Ateres is in Ramot, so not so close to the central part of yerushalaim, but still in yerushalaim. Maybe a coupl of buses away from centre.

    Its wuite a small sem, maybe 50 girls or so. but not sure how many there are this year. I also think its a fairly early curfew, i assume that means 10.30ish.

    HOw about Midereshet tehilla? Its not a beis yaakov sem, but chareidi teachers. its on nevey campuss. the rav is rav Kehaneman, hes amazing. Thats quite hashkafic and non textual/academic, but also spiritually uplifting etc


    my father doesn’t want me to be on the nevey campus. Do you know anything about the following seminaries?

    1. Keser Chaya

    2. Seminar

    3. Ateres

    4. Binas

    5. Meor

    THANX A MIL!!!

    btw, I’m sure no seminary ENCOURAGES secular music or movies.


    need seminary help: this is rly funny that im seeing this convo from last year again…from the looks of which sems u want info for and you applyed to. i think i spoke to you….:)


    No longer need sem help-wat made you decide to go to ateres in the end?

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