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    Is it just me or did everyone in Flatbush receive a FREE KEURIG K65 COFFEE MACHINE this morning?? At my door today was a free machine, a letter enclosed says, you are 1 of 15,000 people from NY, Miami and LA, that was randomly chosen to receive a free machine, no strings attached, just post some feed back about how you like the machine!!! Then while driving around Flatbush, I noticed similar boxes on other peoples porches as well!!!

    Definitely a nice surprise!!! Yashar Koach to Keurig!!!

    PS Do you have to Tovel it, since the water unit is made from plastic??


    Yes, I got one as well. Were we really chosen at random?


    By the way, I live in the Marine Park area. If anyone else got one, just state what area you live in.



    they dont make money from the machine. they make money from the sale of the k-cups (coffee, iced tea and anything they put in those little cups these days). is why you see advertised in every pharmacy “free meters” (whether for diabetes or other home testing requirements). the money is in the supplies, not the machine.


    Oh … my … gosh! I want one!!!

    Ahem. This is the Coffee Room, after all. Ahem,


    I didnt get one, 🙁 . Anyone have an extra they don’t need? 🙂

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    I think this is the one time I will ever say, “I wish I lived in Flatbush.”


    If you don’t have a Keurig by now, you really don’t want/need one.

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    Ii live In Flatbush, but didn’t get one. I reallllly want one. If you have an extra, I want it, please. Maybe even buy it??


    The first time I used a Keurig, I was at the bank and I made such a huge mess…. I discovered the hard way that you’re not supposed to open the little cups first. >.< Three wasted cups later, I made myself a delicious coffee.


    For once in my life im happy to be living in flatbush (East 30’s)and recieved the free keurig machine! For all you guys who didnt get one;



    As apushayatid points out, you’re now going to pay a lot for those little cups. I believe there are also serious issues with tevila. I’ll stick with my French press (which I can use on Yom Tov).


    I have a Keurig and bought reusable filters so I can use whichever ground coffee I like. It saves tons of money. You can get these resulsble filters in any Bed, Bath and Beyond. They came four to the pack-2 red, 2 black. Love them.

    Also, Tarjay (Target) is having a sale on Gevalia K-cups this week. 18 for like $11.00. L’chaim!!!


    Send ’em my way!

    Seriously, I really do NOT get why Keurig coffee should be any better than ANY top quality coffee made by pouring plain boiling water over it through a filter into a mug. If it it the coffee itself, then buy some K cups of coffee that you like, forget about the machine, just poke a hole in a K cup and pour the coffee through. If it is NOT the coffee grind, per se, then why bother with the expense? I make phenomenal coffee with an old melitta filter. I use Starbucks “Blonde” (milder than regular Starbucks which I personally find to be too bitter), and it makes a superb cup of joe. I am totally spoiled now, of course, and cannot drink isntant unless I am desperate on Shabbos.



    thats not a particularly good price on k cups. I try to stay within the 50 cents per K cup range. Bought a bunch yesterday from amazon for 33 cents per K cup.


    I also got one, but have no idea how to use it. We are not coffee drinkers. In the box they included a package of tea. Can it be used for that too? Does this also heat up hot water?


    Oomis, I think the idea is that you can have quality coffee (not instant) in a single serving, without having to make a whole pot of coffee that won’t get finished.

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    shalom, many would be happy to take it off your hands, me included. yes you can use it for tea. They sell the cups in tea and also hot chocolate if you are not makpid cholov yisroel. you can also use it for hot water. Enjoy.

    Oomis, probably not any better but works faster with less mess.

    Walton, you can also get them cheaper at staples if you watch for sales.


    I love my keurig. Love that its a fast, easy way to make coffee. I love that I can buy one if each flavor coffee without cluttering up my cabinets with a full bag of each. I love that it doesn’t need to be rinsed out every time. I also used it not only for coffee but for apple cider. For those who are worried about toveling, I brought it to my rav’s house and he told me it didn’t need to be toveled.


    Midwood/flatbush area – entire block got one. Figure they aren’t making money on the machines- so they may as well give the machines out for free hoping that they make profit on the expensive k-cups that we will buy.

    Question: I couldn’t find an Ou on the swiss milk hot choco k-cup package that came free. Is it kosher? Thanks


    Question: I couldn’t find an Ou on the swiss milk hot choco k-cup package that came free. Is it kosher? Thanks

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