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    hello i was wondering if anyone has ever been in “nikoslburg” (mikulv,slovakia) i wonder how long would a car ride be from vienna airport(is a 4 hour layover enough time to do both a nikolosburg and pressburg trip for a return fli8ght out of vienna airport?


    also, aside from the rebbe reb shmelke are there any kivrei tzadikim in nikolsburg?


    Did you get any info on this? How do I get to the Chasam Sofer’s kever from the Vienna airport? I have an entire day in Vienna/Bratislava. Any tips or advice? minyanim? car rental tips? Kosher food? Thanks in advance.

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    Google Chabad Vienna & Bratislva

    Orher than Chabad there is no Jewish life in Bratislava.

    Also try godaven com for Shuls in Vienna.

    I tried to post the links but the Mod on duty now does not like links period

    Any Heimishe travel agent should be able to help you

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    Here is the Chabad Shliach’s contact info

    Chabad of Slovakia

    Kozia 25

    Bratislava, 81103 Slovakia

    Ph: 421-2-5441-7829

    Fax: 421-2-5441-7814

    Rabbi Baruch Myers


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    Chasam Sofer Gravesite

    Drivers Available

    There are a number of reliable, English – speaking drivers available to take guests around Slovakia and surrounding countries (Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary) for sightseeing and family history/burial site trips. In all instances, it is necessary to call, reserve and confirm the itinerary in advance. Prices depend on the individual services required, and are to be negotiated directly with the driver. 1) Mr. Jozef Balogh : +421 911 787 7651 2 ) Mr. Nebila: + 421 905 610 520


    Re: Chasam Sofer Gravesite

    Here is a link with all the info:

    Don’t forget to have us in mind!

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