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    Today I read this article about a woman who is a Baalas Teshuva who wanted to attend the Bar Mitzvah of her nephew that was held at a reform temple. She and her husband rented an RV and parked it in the temple parking lot. after “services” she changed into sneakers to walk to the hall where had the reception, along with mixed dancing and music.

    Then she says what a Kiddush Hashem it was, all the guests commented on how nice it was that she joined them despite their differences.

    First of all, I thought that one is not allowed to enter a Reform temple. I think this was not an appropriate way to spend shabbos in an RV, with music and mixed dancing. Her husband missed tefillah btzibur (he davened beforehand in the RV) and the kids had to be farmed out.

    why was this allowed and why is this an article in the Bina magazine? Will Reform Jews now point to this article and say “See, you CAN come to my bat mitzvah or whatever!”

    I would appreciate some comments about this or feedback.


    Magazines DO make mistakes. Ami Magazine had an article about Jewish girls in hijabs (that robe that Arab women wear that covers their face) and it was saying how tznius it was, and they were quoting the Rambam all over the place that a woman should not leave the house, etc. I was very disgusted.


    At the beginning of each Binah They have a Your Say column. It would be very interesting if you can ask your question there. Would like to hear what they have to say about this. Same goes for Ami Magazine.


    I’m not bothering to write to Binah because of course they have a disclaimer saying that this was a psak given for this particular situation, etc etc. so they will just tell me the same thing. I would love to know who was the Rov that gave them this psak.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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