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    My child wakes up at night screaming and rubbing his eyes because of allergies. It starts this time of the year and lasts over a month.

    What can we do??????


    Use an air purifier in the room. Remove carpeting and any other upholstery such as curtains and blinds. Put in roller shades which is the least possible dust collector. Remove any other kind of dust collectors. Keep the air purifier running all day and all night. Make sure you don’t have feather/down pillows or blankets. Use special allergen free mattress covers.

    For other tips ask your pediatrician.


    But why do these things only affect him this time of year?


    Allergy medicine. I just read today that it’s a good idea to try to get a prescription allergy medication even if you can get it over the counter since insurance can cover it – at least generally speaking.

    Of course, aries’s comments are quite true!


    He’s probably allergic to something that blooms at this time of year. My kids take antihistamines during their bad seasons. They really don’t do well without them.


    I have MASSIVE alergies!!! A big cold and ur always rubbing ur eyes!! Ask ur dr 4 eyedrops and if he has a cold get him a nose spray….


    Ok, thanks for all your help


    There are specialists called Allergists. It’s a good idea to ask their opinion -they have many solutions.


    Cleritin worked wonders for our kid.


    wash his bedding in hot hot water. it kills the dust mites which he is probably also allergic to.

    allegra is also over the counter and helps. claritin did not help for me. there was an allergy segment on channel 7 yesterday , dr. clifford basset. check dr. bassets website for more info.


    health, welcome back! Sorry if you’ve been back a while. I wasn’t here Friday…

    pascha bchochma

    I have a lot of experience in this area.

    First, go to an Allergist. Dr. Bernard Silverman in Flatbush is EXCELLENT and will be able to help you in no time. He takes insurance.

    Second, since I personally am allergic to just about everything airborne (I was tested for 20 common airborne allergies… allergic to 19/20), sometimes I just take Benadryl to knock out the allergies when they’re really bad, it doesn’t make me too drowsy. It works for about 12 hours, so it’s not a long term solution, but it will knock out the current reaction. However, if you take Benadryl too often, it stops working as well. So you can use this as a temporary measure until you can get to an allergist.

    Thirdly, in my experience, allergies that are untreated get worse and worse until the winter. So don’t ignore it – get treatment now, so your son can live a normal life. It is not worth the wait, if he has allergy – induced asthma it can also get dangerous. If his throat is hurting or he has a cough or wheeze – get him to the doctor quicker. He may need steroid inhalers.

    Refuah Shleima! I hope he feels better soon!


    Def take him to an allergist. I took allergy shots for years, although I was an adult, and I had suffered needlessly for years. 20 years later my spring allergies are not nearly as horrible as they used to be. This time of year my lungs get clogged up something awful, but it’s tolerable with Mucinex (guafenesin).


    Working take your child to a Holistic GP. that knows about Diet/Nutrion and Alternative Medicine. How old is your son? Sometimes Allergies and Asthma are part of the same problem.


    Working if you live near the Ocean, go on a Family outing there. Breathing the Sea Breeze Air from the Ocean can be healing for the nose.


    Air purifier will do… And try using anti bacterial detergent soap… 🙁


    Ok,heres what we do at our house since the majority of us have allergies. First of all,go to the allergist! He will test your son to see what exactly he’s allergic to,and then he can tailor the treatment to the timing of what he’s allergic to. For example,one of us is only allergic to trees,so the dr.will soon be weaning that child off his meds in the coming month since that is when the tree season ends. However,another child is allergic to all trees,grasses and weeds,so her meds must continue thru the fall.

    Second,besides for an early blocker-think claritan,allegra,zyrtec-we also use a late blocker called singulair. This drug has worked wonders fir all of us,myself included!

    Thirdly,we are on prescription nose sprays,some of us are even on two different ones at the same time!

    And fourthly,we are on prescription eye drops,and one child,who’s eyes were like slits and very puffy he looked Chinese,is on two prescription eye drops,one in the morning and one before bed.

    All this is of course in addition to keeping the house as dust free as possible as well as what aries mentioned.


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