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    this past week my english teacher got married. my mesivrta did not allow the talmidim to go to the wedding. it was a sunday wedding that wasn’t during school hours (while it was on a school retreat). do you think this is right or not?


    I dont know if it is right or not to go to a teachers wedding but what i do know is that having off on sunday (even for a retreat) is wrong!


    first of all based on current events i think its pretty obvious that you should have emunas chahmim and believe tht what your menahel said was best for you. secondly maybe there were things at the wedding that you shouldnt have seen. for example ididnt end up going to my friends wedding because there was mixed dancing.


    Was attendance at the retreat mandatory? If so, then you have your answer.

    The Wolf


    probably right because although teachers seem like they might have good relationships with their students, they truly do not care about their students on a personal level. plus you kids would probably take out of the true simchas chosson vikallah


    shteltzoo, that is just pure motzi shem ra. I don’t know what kind of a school experience you had, but that is entirely untrue.

    Personally, I have been to teachers’ weddings, and at least once I have regretted it, as we pretty much “hijacked” it. I asked the teacher mechila before Rosh Hashana that year because I felt absolutely terrible.


    Not sure if that last poster was serious but, I am a teacher and I truly love and care about my students. I did not invite them to my wedding because they are young children it is different but, to make a blanket statement like that is silly.


    No offense, but kids at teachers weddings are a bummer. They are active at the wrong times(chuppah), and they stand around whispering and staring during the dancing.


    sem graduate

    I think that kids disturbing a teachers wedding is relative to the age; if they are young they dont belong at the wedding at all, and if they really want to come let them come for kabalas ponim only. However, if they are a little older, then I dont see anything wrong with them wishing the teacher mazel tov; I would probably even say they should out of hakaras hatov.

    In addition, I think what shteltzoo said depends on the teacher. Most teachers in todays day and age do not really care on a personal level. However, there are more than enough teachers out there who do care on a personal level and would go out of their way day or night to help a student. I dont think you can make a blanket statement in either direction


    Fashionablee, haha so true


    personally, i would love if my students came to my wedding IY”H! maybe where i come from its accepted. is it really not in other places?


    i went to teachers’ weddings as students for chuppah. one teacher in HS we went for second dance; other grades she taught came for other parts. she told us after in class thanks so much for coming-it gave me a break from dancing with all the older ladies (not her exact words but along those lines)

    I think its very sweet when the students come for kabalas panim and/or chuppah. it gets annoying when some of them are there during the dancing and dont know what to do with themselves


    Being that this was a Sunday wedding, I guess she got married on Yom Yerusholayim, when the Aveilus of Sefiras ho’Omer is suspended, in light of the great joy of Yom Yerusholayim.

    Was the young couple absolved from having to fast? because of Yom Yerusholayim.


    this is funny.


    My teacher got married in February and she ivite my whole class plus the grade above me (she also taught them) and a grade in a diff scholl that she teaches which is younger than me for the older grades (mine and grade above me)she invited for dancing and the younger before the chuppah its all perspective!


    If you bother to look, the OP said Mesivta that means High School, like somewhere between 9th and 12th grade

    I think that age group, UNLESS SPECIAL ED, knows how to behave, AND to ENHANCE a Chasunah (unless they dont like the teacher, and then they know how to misbehave and disrupt a Chasunah!)

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