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    Now that everyone is in full Pesach mode, please may I draw your attention to the various funds and means of Kimche D’pischa.

    There are many ways to help out besides food packages. Clearing our your storage closets, have you come across the 4 piece dinner set which is of no use to you that you got as a present years ago but have kept ‘just in case’?

    Have you just found a gift you received of cutlery or glasses that you’ve never used but have kept ‘just in case’? What about all those bargains of pots and pans you bought when the store was closing down?

    There are many families who cannot afford to buy new keilim etc for pescah but would be so grateful to receive your new/unused items.

    Just a small ad in your local paper advertising what you have or a poster in shul will go a long way to help those who cannot help themselves this year.

    Please don’t think that what you have is too small. Nothing is too small and what a wonderful way to start pesach with the greatest mitzva of all, helping someone else with a full heart.

    May you all be blessed that Hashem provide you with whatever you need and the ability to help others.

    Humbly yours



    I think this is a great idea, I didn’t see it till now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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