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    has anyone tried” kinesiology”


    All I know about it is that it’s a topic physical therapists study. It’s basically understanding which movements do what to the body, which activities place stress on which joints, etc. The name literally means “the study of movement.” Anyone who calls it anything else or claims that it’s a branch of medicine is most likely a scammer.



    I know nothing about the author of that article.

    Mr Matis Wolfberg Esq has done quite a bit of research on these energy and mind over matter modalities. According to him there are Yiddishkeit issues. He lives in Monsey. His occupation is traffic law.

    Also horav Yitzchok Stein Foltisher Dayan & Ravad of ???”? ?’ ?????’ ???? Beth Din is quite knowledgeable in these alternative treatments


    I am a scammer and I have never heard of it, so it must not be a very good scam.


    Kinesiology is muscle testing which identifies foods, supplements, essential oils and alot more that are beneficial for you. My old chiropractor used it to help select aromatherapy essential oils to adjust my spine. I think imho that by using the essential oils selected using kinesesiology helped not hindered the ajustment.


    If it’s the same thing as kinetics, I’ve heard of it and tried it. The “doctor” waved her hands in the air to diagnose all kinds of nonexistent ailments and then cured them with another wave of her hands. She was amazed by the progress she had made (detected by yet another wave of her hands) and wanted us to come back again the next day for another treatment, but I deferred. She was undoubtedly a quack.


    MiI – Actually I think they aren’t the same. Kinesiology – I think they press on some pressure points on the foot or ear supposedly corresponding to certain body areas or functions. Probably an offshoot of accupuncture.

    BTW, how much did you pay for the hand waving?


    Health, we paid a small fortune which I’m embarrassed to give more detail on. We went to her because she came highly recommended by friends of ours who claimed that she cured their mono with one session. We had no idea what it was and we were dealing with a life and death situation with our child. Guess what? Despite her treatment, our child is no longer alive. Maybe if we would have gone for that second session…. (Don’t worry, I’m not serious.)


    MiI – Sorry to hear about your kid. Was the kid a he or she and how old and what did the kid die from?

    I also lost a two year old girl. She developed a heart problem at a few months old.


    wow. MiI and Health – i’m so sorry 🙁


    Health, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. I hadn’t realized that you had children prior to your divorce. I hope you can understand that I’d prefer not to give details about my loss because it was very unique situation and anyone who knows me would be able to identify me. It’s not just a one-sentence answer.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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