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    I’m doing a term paper on kiruv. I need some examples of controversy. For example, it might be controversial when it comes to moving out of town to preform kiruv, if it’s not a Jewish area without a shul/yeshiva. I would have to provide a solution for that type of issue. Does anyone have any other controversial ideas I could use for the paper?

    If you have a solution, please list. If not, it’s fine.

    Thanks 🙂


    *putting tefillin on nonobservant not wearing a yarmulke and tzitzis

    *doing more than what is permitted/necessary in Torah


    1. Determining whom you should target for kiruv.

    2. Figuring out whether kiruv is to you a bein adam lamakom or bein adam lachaveiro.

    3. Discerning the true motivation of the people being “mekurav” and how it affects the kiruv worker’s methods and goals.

    4. Dealing with negative aspects that sometimes are associated with the frum community.

    Just Emes

    Just like to note that Avraham Aveinu went to go spread belief in one G-d from city to city and nation to nation when most of those people worshipped idols –see Rambam hilchos Avoda Zara 1:3


    Inviting people for a shabbos meal who will (likely) drive to your house.

    Giving food to someone who won’t make a brocha on it.

    How to handle situation of non-Jews who think they are Jewish.


    How to handle situation of non-Jews who think they are Jewish

    This is probably the biggest of all IMO

    Dealing with people who dont want you there

    Dealing with people in situations you dont approve of and they arent leaving them


    WOW! great ideas everyone! please, go on!


    Big obvious one: intermarried Jews. What to do about the spouses? Say nothing? Tell the Jew to divorce the non-Jew? Facilitate the conversion of the non-Jew?

    Let’s say you’re setting up a school as a kiruv project (Chabad has created 100’s of such schools.) Do you only accept halachically Jewish kids (as a normal Orthodox school would do), or do you accept kids with only a Jewish father, in order to try to mekarev him?


    Another one: how to convince people to be frum? Logical and historical proofs for the truth of the Torah? (Aish HaTorah-style.) Or should proofs be avoided, in favor of gently encouraging people to do mitzvos by emphasizing how holy and important every mitzvah is? (Chabad-style.) Or is some other approach better?


    You own pre-concieved notions of yiddishkeit

    Some of the posters mentioned people who will drive to shul on Shabbos, Eat without a Bracha, Wont wear Tfellin, Tzzizith, Might keep partial Kosher etc

    You cannot give fire and brimstone to such people , you might act with love not hate. Give them a reason not to drive on Shabbos instead of telling them they are going to Gehenom if they continue to do it.

    Which Mitzot to pick and choose for them to follow. Bringing up Tzinut or Mikvah for example might backfire


    Reb Moshe Feinstein allowed teaching patrilineal kids in a community day school setting.

    R’ Aharon Soloveitchik allowed a pluralistic day school in Chicago, and his brother admitted such children into Maimo, according to Rabbi Asher Lopatin (he says he has this on tape).

    This would definitely be an issue to look at, and you may want to cite Zera Yisrael as a case study.

    Another issue would be allowing the secular to drive on Shabbos- look at the machlokes between Reb Moshe and Rav Soloveitchik; the Rav was machmir on this.


    What about Rabbonim who speak strongly against the not-frum to their congregations and yet at the same time try and help those same not-Frum? There’s no real Stirah there, but I have heard many stories from people that have been turned off when they hear strongly-worded quotes about distancing from Conservative and Reform (while they themselves were attempting to move from those places to Frumkeit). It’s a very fine line to walk.


    What do you mean speak strongly against not-frum?


    I love the typo in the title. Kiruv is all about souls, isn’t it?

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