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    Looking for a really good and simple kishke reicpe


    the real thing or vegetarian?


    Mix flour and rendered beef fat. Salt and pepper to taste. Stuff into cow intestine, and tie off ends. Throw in cholent.


    put flour, salt and food coloring in a bowl. Scrape floor of local butcher’s back room. Add to bowl and mix well. Also feel free to toss in any scraps from counter, including bone bits, chewy cartilage and stringy sinews. Stuff into cow intestine or plastic bag and staple ends shut. Optional: slice and wrap in foil so the pieces are neatly cut and dont fall apart later. Also makes the cut parts crispier.

    Cook in cholent til mushy and it has absorbed enough cholent flavor to disguise its own taste. Alternatively, place in pan and fill quarter way up with shmaltz. Bake for many hours, flipping some way through so the top doesnt dry out.

    Enjoy your heart-attack in a bag dish!

    If anyone knows of a butcher/mashgiach who watches the making of/makes kishka and actually eats it too, post here and surprise me!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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