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    Does anyone know the story of the Klausenberger Rebbe zy”a ztvk”l and how he survived during the war, lost his wife and all children to the Nazi’s ym”s, and rebuilt his family and Torah and Chasidus in America?


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    You forget to mention the next part, the Holy Land, Netanya. Mifal Hashas


    I heard a story about how he got permission from a nazi officer for some Mitzva. The officer told him that he has one glass eye and nobody yet was able to figure out which one it was. If he can tell him which one is the fake eye, he’ll relent. The Klozenberger took one look and told the surprised officer, correctly, which eye it was. When he asked how he knew, he answered that that eye still looked somewhat human.


    There was a book written about the Klausenberg Rebbe and his life. I have it. He was a tremendous tzaddik. My mother was born in the same town as the Rebbe (Rudnick) and her family davened in his father’s shul. The Rebbe lost his entire family in the holocaust but after the war he became the father and mother of an orphaned generation, when he himself had lost so much.

    always here

    right now I am looking across my living room straight at an oil painting of the Klausenberger Rebba,zt’l.

    kol hakavod for all that he did & his legacy, & not to take anything away from it, but– there are also plenty of ‘regular’ Yidden, too, whose families were wiped out & restarted life with new families, and have been blessed with continuing dorot, Baruch Hashem!


    anybody have any stories or know the seforim he wrote??


    And for all of those who are denigrating Eretz Yisroel and the medinah, the Klausenberger rebbe zz’l specifically left the american golus for Eretz Yisroel where he built Kiryas Zanz, ‘

    “leshem uletiferes”, Laniado hospital and more. This, in a time where it would have been much easier and simpler (also more lucrative) to rebuild his chassidus in the US. And, oh,yes,he got lots of help, monetarily and organizationally from the “treife’ Israeli medinah!


    responsa divrei yatziv as well as letters to rabbi meir arik in imrei yoisher also the rebbe left rudnik not long after his fathers passing he studied under the great david tevel zehman rabbi of dukla after marrying he moved to sighet he was the rabbis son in law. his life story was written up in lapid aish

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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